Cash for Clunkers Deadline Extended

By:  David Hutton

WASHINGTON (theloop/AP)-  If your one of the many looking to get a chunk of cash for your beat up car before the end of the government’s Cash for Clunkers incentives, you have hope!  Car dealers have been granted a few more hours to get reimbursed for their Cash for Clunkers deals after the Government extended the filing deadline for dealerships into Tuesday evening

The original deadline that was set for Monday evening was delayed to Tuesday after the governments computer filing system crashed due to a surge in file submissions.  This computer glitch raised concern among dealers that they would not receive the $3,500 or $4,500 per vehicle incentives.  This concern forced the deadline to be moved to Tuesday evening.

Tuesday morning over 655,000 vouches worth $2.77 billion had been submitted by dealer, many of which have been working some employees overnight in order to meet the governments established deadline.  Before the deadline Tuesday the Department of Transportation had processed more than $150,000 reimbursement applications and had only issued $140 million in payments to dealers which totals only 30 percent of all applications received.

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