Memphis to Vacate Final Four Season

By Andrew Holt

INDIANAPOLIS (The Loop/AP) — The NCAA has stripped the Memphis Tiger basketball program of all 38 of its wins from the 2007-2008 season after it was discovered the Tiger’s had an ineligible player. The player in question is thought to be Derrick Rose.

After the ruling was announced Thursday, Memphis president Shirley Raines said the school would appeal the decision.

This is the second time both Memphis and former coach John Calipari have had to vacate Final Four seasons. The Tigers were stripped of their 1985 appearance and Calipari’s Massachusetts team lost its 1996 berth.

“I would be disappointed if that’s what they choose to do,” Calipari said when asked about the possibility of a vacated season.

The NCAA’s report did not directly identify the player by name, though conclusions were made that it could only have been Rose.

Rose was accused of having another person take his college entrance exam so he would be eligible to play his freshman year at Memphis. Memphis officials argued there was not enough information to validate the allegations and cleared Rose to play in November 2007.

In addition to the vacated season, Memphis must also return the money it received from the NCAA tournament to Conference USA and will be prevented from receiving future shares given out in the conference’s revenue-sharing program.

Rose and his agent did not respond to requests for comments.

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