Take a break and get involved: Campus Clubs and Organizations

By David Hutton (UTC/The Loop)

If you’re anything like me, your daily grind of waking up, going to class, eating, studying and trying to find something to do to entertain yourself every evening is getting a little old at this point in the semester.  There’s only so much seriousness we can handle at one time.  If you’re looking for a break from the everyday routine, you may want to take a look at campus clubs here at UTC.

UTC has a broad list of clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus.  For those looking to relive the glory days of old as a high school athlete, club sports are for you.  UTC clubs sports provide a wide range of competitive sports opportunities.  Everything from your typical baseball and tennis, to less conventional fencing, paintball and cycling, to outdoor sports like paddling and scuba, UTC has a club to fill nearly any competitive desire you may have.

Not an athlete?  That’s all right.  UTC also offers many other departmental, special interest, and service clubs.

Whether you’re that super ambitious business major looking for a business fraternity or a service minded individual looking to get involved in the community through philanthropy, or simply a gamer looking to connect with others, UTC has a club for you.

Campus clubs and club sports can be a great social outlet for students.  Clubs “offer a chance to be a part of a special team you otherwise would not have to chance to experience,” said UTC Cycling Club Captain Stephanie Rynas.

“Club Sports are also a great way to meet people with the same interests as you. Not to mention, they are run by students, allowing more freedom than a varsity team or a faculty run program” said Rynas.  All this goes to show that club sports can be a beneficial experience for students on campus regardless of interests

“They are a network of people that will become a social and support group for that college student,” said Director of Campus Relations Ron Nelson when asked what benefit he saw in club involvement for students.  As a student who has been involved in both club sports and special interest clubs throughout my seemingly endless college career, I stand by the fact that clubs are good social outlet and a great opportunity to make new friends and have fun.

There are 15 active club sports serving over 400 students and over 70 clubs for students looking to get involved in special interest groups, student government organizations, or educational departments.  So if you’re looking to get involved there is a club for almost any interest you may have.  Students interested in starting their own club sport or campus club can contact the Coordinator of Club Sports, Rob Espeseth or the Director of Campus Recreation Ron Nelson for further information on how to get your club off the ground.

More information and a list of University clubs and organizations can be found at the Campus Recreation webpage or the Chattanooga Student Organizations webpage.  University Clubs are open to all UTC students, faculty and staff with a valid Mocs card.

So if you are looking for a competitive, beneficial, or enjoyable way to get involved on campus or just simply looking something to do check out the clubs offered here at UTC.  Be active, get involved, and above all have fun.

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