Lacrosse Club Looking Forward to Season

By Michael Murphy

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) — Lacrosse, a popular sport in the northeastern part of the United States, is slowly making its way south. Sometimes referred to as “the fastest game on two feet,” lacrosse has made its way to many college campuses in the Southeast, contributing to the growing awareness of the sport around the country.

The Mocs Lacrosse Club has seen its share of hardships, but after last year’s 16-2 victory over Mississippi State, club founder Andrew Wilson feels, “We finally have things ironed out.”

When Wilson formed the club he had difficulty finding players, much less experienced ones. “The first team had five players that had played the game before,” said Wilson, “The other 11 were totally new to lacrosse.”

Once Wilson and other members of the club got enough players out on the field, another problem they encountered was how to keep them out there. According to Wilson, many of the new players with no lacrosse experience only stick around for a semester or two. “It’s the real fire-breather types that are the ones that stick with it, because it is such a vigorous game.

Funding was and still is a problem for the club. Raising enough money to pay for equipment, travel, and referees is an obstacle, as well as the fact that their competition was well-funded, had 45 players and had three coaches.

Andrew Wilson graduated last fall after two impressive wins, beating Mississippi State and Middle Tennessee State. Senior defenseman Tabor Dugger has since become club president, and is optimistic about the future.

The club is still actively looking for members. Experience is preferred, but players that are new to the game are welcome to join. If interested, contact club president Tabor Dugger or Kyle Edmunds, the club’s vice president.

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  1. Ashley Shepherd says:

    Is there a womens club team?