The Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Landlord

By: Laura Kelton

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) – As first-time home renters, my roommates and I have an old house with many problems, most were not fixed before we moved in. Trying to correct these problems, we may have stepped on some toes, mainly those of our landlord.

Sarah Finley, a sophomore from Memphis, said, “I’ve found it difficult to find a balance in the relationship between tenant and landlord. I understand that this is their home, but it’s ours too.” She says that she has come downstairs and found her landlord, unannounced, sitting in a room, watching people make repairs.

Aside from our parents, this is the first encounter we have had with landlords. While searching for a home, I found there are many different types of landlords. You have the creepy landlord, the nosy landlord, the landlord that never calls back, and in our case, the cheap landlord.

Considering that fact, it seems that many of the issues have become “do it yourself.” Even if we took care of it, it has still become the landlord’s problem. Finley finished, saying, “Although the solutions may be a little out of bounds, I don’t think we have crossed the line.”

With that, I leave you “The Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Landlord.”

10. Tell your landlord that you spent your entire first week cleaning, right after they finish ranting about how they cleaned it top to bottom.
9. Strip your wallpaper instead of painting over it as you were explicitly instructed to do.
8. Have your mother call and inform the landlord that they will be deducting from next month’s rent all of the expenses spent on improvement.
7. Insist that the landlord change your lock, because while you can unlock it, you cannot seem to lock it back.
6. Never have the utility bill switched over to your name, so your landlord still gets the bill.
5. Have three different plumbers look at your bathroom. You landlord pays for each one.
4. Never pay a pet deposit, but get a pet anyways.
3. Never cut your grass.
2. Use your front yard as a parking lot.
1. Have someone punch a hole in your wall.

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  1. These are stupid ideas that could get you arrested. Unless you are so stupid that you think an 18 year old can outsmart a snide unruly landlord, avoid these tips. They are borderline tips that could land you in jail.

    Just get out of your lease or ride it out. Move to a better neighborhood and use your new-found renter’s history to get you out of misery. The person who wrote this tripe should be sent back to the penitentiary.

  2. I went on a trip to Europe and was gone for a month, when I returned I quietly went to my apartment to relax for a while. I heard noises coming from outside my bedroom and when I investigated there was the landlady going through my drawers and cupboards. When I confronted her she just rattled off some lame excuse and hurried out. Needless to say I moved as soon as my lease was up. I also got my revenge and my security deposit back by using toothpaste to fill all the nail holes I had made in the walls

  3. Somewhat clearly meant as satire, but anyways… 🙂
    Everyone seems to have some sort of problem with their landlord, to a greater or lesser degree. Sometimes you really DO have to do a small thing or two to let off a little bit of steam!

  4. we got an eviction notice because we complained a couple of times about the floor that needed repair. He is cheap and didn’t want to fix it !! So I went to code enforce at the local town office and complained, come to find out the butt wipe has to replace the whole floors the beams and every thing down cellar. Then to finish it off I called DEP about the waste he was dumping on the property this also cost thousands of dollars to clean up. Guess maybe he should fixed the floor when we asked there are smart ways to payback those dishonest landlords right in the pocket book !!!! AHHHH sweet revenge !!!

  5. KnightCatz says:

    Get your reference off the landlord and the day you moving out,lift one of the floorboards or skirting boards and place some fresh kippers 🙂