Students Missing Money?

By: Siobhan Rahilly

CHATTANOOGA, TN (UTC/The Loop) Three out of four UTC students receive some form of financial assistance.  But how does that break down for the students who rely on financial aid?

Some students receive aid that covers the majority or entirety of their tuition plus living expenses. Others rely on grants, scholarships and loans to supplement their income as they work their way through college.

With the economy still looking bad, have students run into problems getting the financial aid that they need? Jennifer Long, a sophomore from Nashville, relies on federal and private loans so that she can carry a full course load and focus on school, not a full-time job.

When she was denied her loans at the beginning of this semester she was stunned. “Because I dropped to half-time status at UTC last semester I was denied the loans that I rely on for this semester, despite the fact that I get great grades in my classes.”

Other students have been running into similar problems when it comes to paying for a college education. Some, like Long, are lucky enough to have parents who can help out. “Without assistance from my family, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my tuition this semester, not to mention paying for books and other expenses,” Long said.

Students who are falling short when it comes to paying for college can visit the UTC financial aid website. The financial aid office has provided links to websites where students can search for grants and scholarships like and These sites also provide answers and guides for students who may be confused about how to pay for college.

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