Golf Cart Wrecked on Campus

Sept. 27, 2009—UTC police responded to a property damage call at Frist Hall.

The golf cart that belongs to the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD), had been wrecked and was against a telephone pole in Lot 26.

The golf cart sustained damages to the front, left and right sides of its fiberglass body, damage to the front axle cover and possible undercarriage damage. Photos were taken before the golf cart was moved.

There appeared to be no damage to the telephone pole, which sits on the line between Lots 26 and 39. The golf cart was moved to its usual location.

An attempt to disable the golf cart so it could not be taken again was in place, pending a better means to secure the golf cart.

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  1. Stenten's says:

    A good way to prevent an incident like this in the future would be to install a personalized ignition switch. Much like an automotive ignition switch these have unique keys and would prevent someone from just using the universal flat key that are used on fleet carts.