‘SNL’ zings David Letterman’s difficulties

NEW YORK (AP/The Loop) — Add “Saturday Night Live” to the shows making sport of David Letterman’s difficulties. But in the hands of “SNL,” Dave got off pretty easy.

On Thursday, the late-night host acknowledged having sex with women who worked for him and told viewers he was the victim of a blackmail attempt.

On SNL’s “Weekend Update,” anchor Seth Meyers dubbed the extortion attempt by a CBS News producer “a stupid human trick.”

Meyers added that the would-be blackmailer was threatening to reveal embarrassing details of Letterman’spersonal life, then gave a joking example: After sex, Dave would say, “Stay tuned for Craig Ferguson.”

Fellow TV hosts Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are among comics who already had zinged Letterman on their shows.

Can Letterman turn his embarrassment into triumph? Click here for more information: David Letterman’s embarrassment into triumph?

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  1. My my, pretty low class of Letterman.