New Student Media Center Gives Comm. Students ‘Real world’ Experience

By: Thomas Ramsay

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) — The Echo, Perch, and MocsNews have been moved from their separate facilities around campus into the new Student Media Center.

Media group staffers now have ‘arms reach’ access to one another’s resources and ‘know how’ in a newly constructed office space in the game room of the UC.

The center came about after the Echo office was needed for another department this semester. Dr. Betsy Alderman, acting head of the Communications Department, said she wanted a new space for all three of the student media groups to use.

“Our hope was that the media students would be able to work together and collaborate on stories if they were closer together in a shared space, which is what is happening out in the real world today, so it’s great for them to have that experience,” Alderman said.

The new media center features:

  • Separate rooms for each of the media groups (Echo newspaper, Perch Radio, and MocsNews TV.)
  • All of the equipment used by each group, allowing easier access for multimedia projects.
  • Outdoor access to give media students after-hours access to the center.
  • Full-pane glass walls so that anyone passing by can see the students at work.

“We wanted the glass walls so that other students could see their school’s media at work because that attracts their interest to become involved in student media,” Alderman said.

The center is still a work-in-progress, said Danny Butler, junior, Knoxville. Some equipment and furniture are still left behind from the move, but he said it is much better than the center’s barren beginnings.

“We didn’t even have internet when we first moved in… now we have that, all our shelves, all our desks, all our speakers… it feels more like a real office, not just some place to work,” said Butler.

For more info on the Student Media Center, click here.

For info on UTC’s student-produced media: The Echo, The Perch, MocsNews.

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