Flag Football at Chattanooga Sports Complex

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) — Ever wanted to play football indoors like the pros? How about play football after January? The Chattanooga Sports Complex located in Hixson, Tennessee now offers you the opportunity to do both.

Chattanooga Sports Complex, known primarily for their indoor soccer leagues for all ages, also offers youth lacrosse leagues, and now a five on five, no contact, indoor flag football league for adults. The league is split up into two divisions, the A Division for teams that are experienced at flag football, and the B Division for teams new to the league or the rules of flag football.

The complex has five seasons per year, and just weeks in between the end of one season, and the start of the next. The current season is underway and is in week four. Each season consists of eight regular season and at least one single elimination playoff game to determine a league champions. Teams must have at least five players on their roster, and as many as ten, and must collectively play a $475 fee to compete in the league.

“It’s a financial commitment,” says Carlos Sanchez, of team Invictus, “But it’s worth it.”

Invictus is in their initial season in the league so they have been assigned to the B Division, but they hope to qualify for the A Division by next season.  “It has taken us a few weeks to get all the rules down, but we are definitely improving each week.”

In addition to the 60 by 30 yard synthetic turf field, the facility also features a seating for about 200 spectators, a concession area and free wireless internet. Robby Miller, also a member of Invictus said, “The facility is great. It’s great to play indoors and not have to worry about the light or weather.”

Games are played every Friday night beginning with the first game at 6:20, and last until the end of the final game which starts at 10:20. Games are also occasionally played on Tuesday nights. Referees and flags are provided by the league, but teams are required to provide their own uniforms, which are only required to be shirts of the same (or similar) color.

For more information about the league, flag football rules, and more visit www.chattsports.com.

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  1. Flag football is super fun. It can be very competitive. 475 for 5 guys can be a little steep for a fee to play but if they were able to get a few more guys on the squad then it wouldn’t be too bad. At least this flag football leage feels a lot more official.

  2. The Chattanooga Sports Complex is an awesome venue. Th free wi-fi rocks!

  3. everyone in south american countries love to watch and play football.*’

  4. They’ve changed over to US Elite Training but still have all of the league play as before. The field is awsome and is easy to register from thier website (http://uselitetraining.com). They also have personal training now too as well as on-site Physical Therapy.