Video 1: The Secret Life of Boys

By Paige Bowman, Video 1

So, for my original short I decided to give the viewer a look at bathroom etiquette…from inside the guy’s room.

I talked to a few guys and we came up with some unspoken “rules” that should always be followed when using a urinal. As a girl, I had no idea these rules existed and it was pretty hilarious hearing about them. I though I would share the joy and make the video about the secret life of boys that half the population, females, never get to see.

The rules are as follows:

  • Always leave a buffer zone of at least one urinal between you and the confederate peer.
  • Never talk while relieving yourself.
  • Lastly, by no means pull the elementary school trick of going with your pants at your ankles.

The guys were so much fun to work with and I got to use a lot of new editing techniques. I made slides and imported them and worked with video and audio effects. This project was fun to make and definitely made me want to stick with film.

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