Man Robbed and Assaulted on Douglas Street

Jan. 9, 2010—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous call at UTC Place 3000.

A man told police that some black men had robbed and assaulted him on Douglas Street. The dispatcher then notified Chattanooga Police since the incident too place in their jurisdiction.

The victim told police that four or five black males had robbed him. He said he was walking down Douglas Street when a black male sitting in a dark colored Caprice shouted at him and said he needed to use his phone because he was out of minutes.

The victim said that the man could use his phone, but wanted him to hurry because it was cold. While the victim was focused on this man, another man exited the vehicle and began to assault the victim.

The victim was fighting with this man, when the driver hit the victim with what he thought was a small pistol. The victim said another black man took his wallet, which contained about $190 in cash and two debit cards, from him at this time. They also took his black Envy Touch cell phone.

The victim said they threw down his wallet after taking the items. He then scooped up his belongings and ran toward UTC Place Apartments.

The victim did not want medical attention and an officer is handling this case for the Chattanooga Police Department at this time.

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