New Website Gives Chattanoogans A Look At Themselves… From Last Night

Have you ever gone out for the night, were sure you had a great time, but forgot to document the night in photos? Some local Chattanoogans have answered this problem with the launch of a new website. is the brainchild of Robert Parker and David Ruiz, two local amateur photographers who like to capture the Chattanooga night scene with a focus on the crowds that show up.

“ is basically, we’re free event or party photography, a promotion kinda thing exclusively for Chattanooga events,” said Robert Parker.

Parker and Ruiz can be found at almost any local show, whether it be a nightly showcase at JJ’s Bohemia, the monthly Banger’s Ball or even stand-up comedy nights. After taking hundreds of photos throughout the night, the duo promptly post the pictures on their website and on Facebook, where friends are free to tag themselves and save moments from the night before.

Look out for this orange hat on your next night out.

Look out for this orange hat on your next night out. Photo Courtesy of

Thursday November 19 marked the official launch day of the site, so Parker and Ruiz celebrated by throwing a party at JJ’s Bohemia complete with bands and DJs.

The audience was entertained by acts such as:

In between sets, DJs BNGRZ, Talk, and DrugMoney kept the crowd moving with dance beats.

Enthusiasm for the site is running high as evidenced by the tight crowd inside of JJ’s Thursday.

Parker said he was very excited about the turnout and where the site will be going in the future.

“If it turns out well we plan on having quarterly benefit shows for the site.”

Parker also hopes to use the site as a “springboard” for local designers.

“We’re gonna leave the initial design up for about six months but then every three months we want to bring in a local designer to totally re-do it and throw the benefit.”

“It’s great because no matter how messed up you get, you can count on the website to capture all the moments of the night,” said Jason Clark, senior, Franklin, TN and one half of Machines Are People Too.

The website already has a large collection of galleries going back to July 2009 which anyone is free to check out. Event planners are welcome to contact the photographers so they’ll know where and when to show up. The photos are available for personal use by any visitors and have been popping up on Facebook profile pages all over the Chattanooga network.

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