Student Owns Up To Smoking Pot in Apartment

Jan. 8, 2010—UTC police responded to a drug offense at UTC Place 5000. A security officer called police to the apartment. A RA had told the security officer that he thought he smelled marijuana coming from the apartment.

The security officer had knocked on the door about a loud television and when the door was opened there was a strong odor of marijuana. The RA asked for everyone’s identification.

Police asked if anyone in the room had been smoking marijuana and a resident said he had just smoked some while watching a game. Police then searched him and all open areas of the apartment and found no marijuana. The student was told he would be sent to student affairs.

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  1. My son was busted on a DUI years ago and then tested hot for marijuana while on probation… long story but after 5 years of probation due to a few violations he will finally be off probation next month.

    This is after a few trips to the county jail and over $5K in fines.

    It’s not worth it, once your in the system around here it’s hard to get out.

    Sad part is he graduated with a criminal justice degree that is now worthless to him.