Panhellenic Gets New Recruitment Counselors

By: Sue Harris

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) — UTC’s Panhellenic will gain new Recruitment Counselors in the next coming weeks. Recruitment Counselors, otherwise known as “Pi Chi’s”, break away from their own sororities to help girls going through recruitment find the sorority that is right for them. 

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A group of Pi Chi's bond at Horn"s Creek

A group of Pi Chi's bond at Horn"s Creek

Chelsea Crouse, UTC Junior and Vice President of Recruitment Counselors, is in charge of picking out the new Pi Chi’s. “Pi Chi’s are crucial to the recruitment process, and we pick girls that we know will be great leaders.” Crouse said.

“We have girls from all four sororities fill out an application and then we interview them.” Crouse said. “After all the girls are interviewed, Panhellenic Executive Council decides which girls will be chosen.”

Crouse said when a girl is chosen to be a Pi Chi, they will disaffiliate for the summer and not participate in their own sororities recruitment. They are impartial to what chapter the girl goes to, even if it is not their own.

A group of Pi Chi's travel to Horn's Creek for their first retreat
A group of Pi Chi’s travel to Horn’s Creek for their first retreat

Ashley Baker, UTC Senior and outgoing Vice President of Recruitment for Panhellenic, said Pi Chi’s are the leaders of Panhellenic. “They do not just help women go through recruitment; they are the face of Panhellenic.”

Pi Chi’s will be chosen this month and will begin their training at the end of February. The training is a value based curriculum in which they will come to find their own personal and organizational values, as well as diversity training.

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