Worst Elevator on Campus

By: Desiree Garza


Most of the elevators on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus are well built and stand the test of time. However, some seem alarming, and I took some of them for a test drive.

Hunter Hall Elevator

Hunter Hall Elevator

Three caught my attention for their disturbing rides. The first, the Hunter Hall building elevator. Tiffiany Kelsie, a UTC student, said, “The Hunter Hall elevator gets stuck like every semester. I wouldn’t ride it ever.” Another student, Crysta Rice said it was sometimes slow. Once I finally became brave enough to try it, I wish I had not.

On the first ride this elevator shook and even jumped on occasion. This one creaked so loud you can even hear it from outside. This elevator sometimes jumped right as you tried to get on. I never want to ride it again.

The second worst honors goes to the Cadek Hall elevator, in what is known as the music building. I found out about this elevator from an anonymous tip. Finding it was very annoying because it’s on one side and far back inside. The sounds of the pianos and choir echoing in the halls made the Cadek elevator more of an enjoyable trip. Too bad I could not hear them from the elevator.

At first the Cadek elevator seemed fine, but once I choose to get on from the ground floor to the first floor it changed its tune quickly. It started to vibrate and creak more than what was normal, taking me by surprise. I was so scared that I ended my trip right there and refused to go back on.

The third and most well known worst elevator is the one in Brock. James Lowe, Communications major, said, “It’s a death trap.” He says it is too slow, makes crazy noises and is too small. I have heard comments and whispers down the halls similar to this all the time. This was the first time, however, I tried it out myself.

The elevator does contain lots of humming and creaking sounds after you get past the second floor. The door will even shake at times. The Brock elevator is also far too slow compared to any others on campus. The wait time to get on feels like an eternity. Once on the elevator, it will take even longer for it to finally come to a stop and open its doors.

Cadek Hall Elevator Buttons

Cadek Hall Elevator Buttons

We should emphasis all information presented are still based off opinions and speculation. Few facts have been presented to state that these elevators are a danger to actually ride. The elevators for now seem a bit frightening to some.

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