What Concerns Me Most: My Mother Flying

By Sue Harris

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) —   My mother has recently decided that she wants to learn how to fly airplanes. As most would assume, this concerns me greatly. Flying an airplane is not something that most people have a desire to do, and/or the resources to achieve it. But some how my mother has found a way.

Two Christmas’ ago my step dad asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she replied with flying lessons. Most people would laugh to this response, but my step dad went out to our local hanger and asked how she could learn how to fly. The gift was just one lesson to fly a plane, and she said it was the greatest experience of her life. She loved the speed of the take off and the adrenaline rush of landing. She asked me to go with her one time, and I responded with “What? Are you crazy!?”

After her one flight experience she decided to make it a full time hobby. She took all of the class lessons and is currently working on her flight hours to get her Private Pilot License. Every time she has a lesson I am always invited to go. I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable enough knowing that my life rests in the hands of the woman who raised me.

At first, my main concern with her flying was the risk of the whole activity. Will she crash? Will the plane have some malfunction that she can’t handle? But now, it seems more like I am concerned with my mother being more adventurous than I am. She is 51 years old and found something she loves to do. I am 20 years old, and barley have time to think than find a hobby that I enjoy. If I am in the prime of my years, why is my mom having a better time than I am? Will it take me 30 more years to find something that I am that passionate about?

My mom has also always told me that this is the best time in my life to do anything I want. She wants me to go on an adventure before my life gets too hectic after college, and maybe I should. If she has the guts to do something really risky, then I should too. If I am so concerned with my mom being more adventurous than me, then what is holding me back?

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