Nelly 5.0

By: Elizabeth Patterson


LOS ANGELES, Calif. -UTC/AP   St. Louis rapper, Nelly is back into the music world with his new album 5.0.  Millions of fans rapped along to his famous hits such as “Hot in Herre,” “Air Force Ones” and “Country Grammer.”  Fans even placed the trade mark of the band-aid under their left eye to show their support for Nelly.Nelly

Fans get those band-aids ready and your Air Force Ones on.  After his disappearance for two years, he is ready to drop his new album.  He will be working with high-profile producer, Jim Jonsin who has helped Beyonce and Little Wayne.  Usher, Jamie Foxx and producer Dr.Luke have also signed on to collaborate on the new album.

The album’s title 5.0 was named after the 2011 Mustang 5.0 liter V8 car.  Nelly says, “the album is unbelievable” and knows that his fans will enjoy.  He released two new songs from the album in Las Vegas last summer, “1000 stacks” and “Angel Eyes.” Check this site out to see the live perfomance of “Angel Eyes.”

Songs on the new album:

  • Just a Dream
  • Calm Down
  • 1000 Stacks
  • Angel Eyes

This album will have a different sound than his original music.  However, he believes that no matter what the difference is he is sure that his fans will agree with him and love it.  He will have a different sound but someone who fans might recognize is Kelly Rowland.  A former “Destiny’s Child” who collaborated with Nelly in 2007 will also be on the new album.

The album is to be dropped November 16, 2011.  A UTC student Kerri Crawford, who is a huge fan of Nelly’s says, ” Nelly is coming back and he is going to be even better than last time.” She says, “his songs have given me memories of the eighth grade dances.”

Nelly has been one great performer.  His new tracks will make him an even better performer and lead to more dancing.  For all those fans out there be sure to keep a look out on iTunes and the record shelves for Nelly’s new album, 5.0 November 16th. Check out this site to learn more about Nellys album.

 What do you guys feel about Nelly coming back into the lime light? Do you think he will be a success or a failure?

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