Chattanooga offers a football lovers dream

By: Brad Bacon

CHATTANOOGA,Tenn.(UTC/The Loop)–Neyland stadium, home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers. With a capacity of 102,459 the stadium ranks third non-racing stadium in the US and the sixth largest non-racing stadium in the world. The guest student ticket prices for this enormous venue are just as mind blowing as they can cost up to 70 dollars leaving even the Monopoly man penniless.

Chattanooga native and junior quaterback B.J. Coleman thanks fans for coming. After every game the team shows appreciation to the crowd.

Slightly smaller, but home to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Mocs is Finley Stadium. With a capacity of 20,668 the stadium cannot offer the shear size of Neyland, but what it lacks in volume, Finley stadium makes up in value. Students are able to attend football and soccer games free, and any general admission ticket will only cost 12 dollars.
“I love coming to the football games,” Jessica Chernak, an Ooltewah, Tenn. sophomore said. “Football is my favorite sport to watch, and our team is actually good this year.”
The Mocs have already hosted two home football games this season, and are scheduled to host three more including homecoming against SoCon rival Georgia Southern. Full football team schedule can be found here.

Another way students can get into the football spirit is by participating in the tailgating before every home game under the comfort of the First Tennessee Pavilion. Several UTC organizations and alumni groups host booths and events for students to partake in, including free food.

Crowds gather to watch the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mocs take on EKU.

“I can’t believe they were giving away all this free food,” James Dalluge, a Marshalltown, Iowa graduate student said. “The people here are so nice and I’m excited to see my Mocs win with a full stomach.”

James Dalluge enjoys part of the free meal at the First Tennessee Pavilion.

The pavilion also hosts many other events other than tailgating for students and members of the Chattanooga community to enjoy. A list of First Tennessee Pavilion events can be found here.

With free admission to the football games, free food, and free entertainment Finley Stadium and the First Tennessee Pavilion offer everyone a great time no matter how light their wallet might be.

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