Drinking Responsibly and Pay Less: Hitting the Town

By: Mariah Brooks  


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn  (UTC/The Loop)-  I certainly don’t think of myself as an alcohol connoisseur; however there are a few places in Chattanooga that I think are worth my dollar. My top five places to go to in Chattanooga are Big Chill, Abuelos, Amigos, Taco Mac, and The Delta Queen.  

In my last article, I gave advice on some easy and cheap drinks that could be made at home. In this article, I want to talk about some places that I go to for drinks that fit into my budget. Although going out for drinks can get pretty expensive, the places that I normally go  are fairly priced and usually have good drink specials.  

With its wide variety of slushy alcoholic drinks and the laid back atmosphere, Big Chill is the perfect spot to indulge in a frosty treat. One of my friends, Sharonda Williams says,” Big Chill reminds me of when I was a kid drinking an icee from the gas station.” Big Chill has a very large selection of drinks but my favorite is the St. Croix Joy. With one of these I have reached my limit!   

The Slushy machine at Big Chill, Yummy!


When I feel like having mexican food there are two places I go to that also quench my thirst. During the week, Abuelos has two for one sangrias, margaritas, and beers for happy hour. I prefer the sangria swirl; it is a delightful blend of sangria and margarita. Although Abuelos doesn’t have a bar atmosphere it’s a good place to relax and have a drink with your friends. On Mondays Amigos has 75 cent tacos. They also have two for one frozen margaritas, and five dollar pitcher of beer. The  tacos are good and the frozen margaritas complement them very well.  

Game Time!!!


Aside from their food, Taco Mac also is a great place to have drinks. When I celebrated my 21st birthday my friends and I had a great time. The drinks are muy delicioso, and if you are 21+ and  celebrating your birthday, you get a complementary shot of Jagermeister. Taco Mac is also a good place to go and watch Monday night football with your friends.  

My 21st Birthday Party at Taco Mac


This weekend when my friend and I were doing a little research we went to the Delta Queen to talk to my friend, Kimmie Cann, who is also the bartender. I asked her about some good places to drink and what to get. She said, “Although I like to create my own drinks one of the places I go to is Hair of the Dog.” Her favorite drinks are Jagermeister and Cosmo Kamis: triple sec, vodka, and limejuice and she says, “It looks like dirty water.”  

However I prefer the Delta Queen one of Chattanooga’s historical venues, and my secret place to hang out with my friends. Originally a warship hospital, the Delta Queen offers a very old world atmosphere and sometimes makes me feel like I’m on the Titanic. Although it may not seem like a place for college students, the drinks speak for themselves.  

Well those are my top five  places although the search is never over. Always remember to drink responsibly and cheers to having money in your pockets!

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  1. “Drinking Responsibly” is a myth 😀 If i drink I’m not rspansible, I leave my work and all the other stuff behind, I hit the town and relax. If I don’t – I am responsible.

  2. I don’t agree with Skudurai. If you could use your brain like normal human, you’d understand this.

  3. Don’t like “hitting the town” in night time at all. Just a bunch of booze addicts there.