UTC Students Reaction to Justin Beiber Winning New Artist of the Year

By:Elizabeth Patterson


LOS ANGELES, CA(UTC/The Loop) – For those who had the Bieber Fever on Sunday, September 12th were cured at this year’s VMA’s awards. Usher, who signed Bieber on the spot after finding him on YouTube, has made this sixteen year old cutie a star and Best New Artist of the Year. Check out this Youtube video, where Justin was first discovered.

JB was founded by Usher but was also asked to be managed by Justin Timberlake.  Having two platinum artist fighting over who is going to sign your record deal must be an incredible feeling for a sixteen year old.

Youtube stars Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston on the cover of their song "eenie meenie"

Bieber has had many hits this past year starting off his career with the song, “One Time” and following with “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Baby,” and “Eennie Meenie” featuring Sean Kingston, a recording artist who was also found on YouTube.

The pop teen sensation who has girls drooling and crying.  He has been tweeting almost everyday leading up towards the VMA’s and looks like it payed off.  Stars such as Selena Gomez voiced her opinion and her support for Beiber to win the award.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin singing to Selena Gomez

Beiber was up against Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and Broken Bells.  Although I wasn’t surprised of his winning others were and tended to have a different opinion on who should have won. Check this link out to see all contestants for Best New Artist.

” Nicki Minaj totally should have won new artist. ” said UTC student, Kara Livingston.  Some people were  upset about him winning because they feel he is too little and not really talented.  ” He is a one hit wonder, as soon as he hits puberty his voice will change.” said Kerri Crawford also a student at UTC.  ” He is sixteen years old and singing like he knows all about love!”

 Check out this page to see what others have to say about Justins winning.

Justin Bieber winning Best New Artist of the Year at the VMA'S

People have mixed views about Bieber winning best new artist.  Either way it is “one dream come true” to a young sixteen year old to be found on YouTube and the next you’re winning a moon man for Best New Artist in the world.

Check out this Youtube video to see Justins performance at the VMA’s.

  I wonder if students just don’t like him because he is a famous sixteen year old boy who is making millions of dollars. Is it jealousy or pure dislike? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hey you guys are so mean to Justin, leave HER alone!