Trevor Hall Live in Atlanta

By: Elizabeth Patterson

ATLANTA, Georgia (UTC/AP)-  For those of you who love the acoustic and soft sound of Jack Johnson, I’m sure you will be fond of Trevor Hall.  Trevor Hall is an artist who has been low key in the music industry.  However, he seems to be gaining popularity throughout his career.  When I went to his live show in Atlanta the audience couldn’t believe how packed the venue was.  “Normally his shows are really laid back, having only about 60 people,” said die hard fan, Sam Stanley.

Hall began his career in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  When he was eleven he started writing and performing with the help of his father.  ” He started on the drums and worked his way up to other instruments in tour home in Hilton Head,” said Jeff Hall.

During Halls senior year of high school his father surprised him with a recording session.  From that day on Hall has worked his way up to the top by moving to Los Angeles and meeting people who inspire him to write music.

I had the chance to interview the guitarist, 25 year old Brian Blang.  He has been playing music for about 12 years but I was shocked when he said he had only been playing with Trevor for about three months. “The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder are my influences,” said Blang. He acted very excited and when asked how he liked the feeling of being up on stage he said it is one of the most fun things you can do.

Hall has a new album out Trevor Hall Live (Explicit) you can listen to samples of his new album at this link. His music is a mix of acoustic rock and reggae.  His lyrics are very thought provoking and inspiring.  One of his most famous songs that the crowd immediately called for in Atlanta is the song Lime Tree.

The atmosphere of his shows are laid back and enjoyable.  For those who like the laid back scene and letting the music take a hold this is one show you must see.  You can check out Trevor Halls tour dates and plan to go to the next one!

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