Dark Twisted Fate

Bryson Simpson


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(UTC/TheLoop)–What would you do if you entered an elevator with four people that you have never met before; the elevator stops, and demonic events start to take place? Well that’s what five characters have to go through in the film “Devil”.

The film “Devil” starts off with a man committing suicide by jumping off a building. Then you hear Ramirez mention stories of the Devil roaming the earth and it always begins with a suicide. Detective Bowden is called to the building where the suicide happened to help with the investigation.

At the same time, five strangers enter an elevator, which is located in the same building where the suicide has taken place. The five strangers consist of an elderly woman, a security guard named Ben, a salesman named Vince, a young woman named Sarah, and a former U.S. military soldier named Tony.

Weird things start to happen starting with the elevator getting stuck. While stuck in the elevator the five strangers start discussing their backgrounds and found out that each of them has a criminal background. The elderly lady was a thief, Ben the security guard has a violent past, Vince was a con artist, and Sarah was a blackmailing gold digger.

Then, the lights go off and Sarah has a wound on her back. The people in the elevator start to suspect Vince of assaulting Sarah because he is covered in blood. Later, one by one the five strangers start to die. Vince is the first to die when the lights cut off and his throat is slashed.

Overall the film “Devil” has a good plot, the story made sense, and the special effects to draw in the audience. Also, “Devil” did a good job by not making the storyline obvious and it keeps viewers in suspense. Also, the film has a lot of “twists” and unexpected connections throughout the story.

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