Drinking Responsibly: Lack of Chattanooga Nightlife

By: Mariah Brooks


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop)- Walking down Market Street on a Saturday night, there is live music at Raw, karaoke at Sing It or Wing It, and drinks on deck at Big Chill and Taco Mac. It appears that Chattanooga offers many choices to go on the weekend, but some UTC students think differently.

Most students come from bigger cities where the nightlife is “jumpin.” Not to say Chattanooga nightlife isn’t fun, but for some it is a big transition. Coming from Nashville my first year, I had a hard time finding places to go, especially places for the under 21 crowd. I think Chattanooga could benefit more from having more night events. For example, concerts, dance clubs, and upscale bars could really improve Chattanooga night life.

Chattanooga nightlife is catered more to a specific crowd, and should be more diverse. Adding flair and a little youth could be the trick to reviving the Chattanooga nightlife. There are a couple places however that I think are decent.

Located on Georgia Avenue, Midtown Music Hall offers a variety of music for different audiences all for a five- dollar entry fee. Midtown is one of the few dance clubs in Chattanooga that have a diverse audience. If you want to dance to your favorite song with a twist I suggest you go to Midtown. The latest addition to the downtown nightlife is Sing It or Wing It. If you like to belt out your favorite song, this is the place you want to be. There is always a full crowd, giving people their five minutes of fame.

Although Chattanooga doesn’t have the best nightlife,  I think there are a few perks to its dullness. There isn’t too much going on to distract me from my school work and ultimately that’s the reason why we are here. Being a student, I think that it is good for UTC to be a dry campus and leave the socializing for off campus.

Till next time go out and make the best of Chattanooga, but put the Natural Light down and study first. Always remember to drink responsibly and cheers to having money in your pockets!

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