Anything You Shoot, I Can Shoot Better…& Cheaper

By: Benji Aird

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/TheLoop) – Here recently I have noticed the growing trend of small to even large production companies incorporating Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflect) cameras into their arsenal of equipment. Digital SLRs allow the camera operator to shoot tight spaces with a minimal amount of equipment.

DSLR Video Rig

Many ‘Guerrilla’ style productions are shot using this type of system. A camera rig and operater, gone are the days where you need three and four people make up a production crew.

Everyone from music video producers to reality television shows often shoot concepts and pilot shows to pitch to broadcasting networks to get showtime.

About a year to two ago some friends and I started what I call a visual communication team. Wherein we Tweet, Blog, Vlog and anthing else you can think of to visually communicate with the world.

Everything is done one of the two Nikon D90 Digital SLR’s we currently own. Its our staple when I comes to in-the-field footage and studio photoshoots. We are always keeping an eye out on the latest gadjets that help us do what we do better!

Window shopping lead me visit my friends at Wolf Camera to see what hit the shelves.

The featured Nikon D3000 has a very user friendly user interface and in hand it does feel soild. I won’t be trading up/down/or lateral until all the kinks are worked out.

Back view of the Nikon D3000

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