On the heels of Halloween a couple’s worst nightmare comes true

Jack Howland


COVINGTON, Ga. (AP/UTC) — A 9-month-old baby is in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital after she was attacked by two raccoons while sleeping in her crib in the same room as her mother.

Authorities say they are investigating how the raccoons got inside the home and whether the family was keeping the animals as pets.

Newton County Sheriff’s Lt. Tyrone Oliver says authorities arrived about 4 a.m. on Wednesday after the mother called 911 to say the baby had been attacked. She was bitten severely on her head and on other parts of her body.

Oliver says the raccoons were outside the family’s house when deputies arrived, and that one was aggressive and fatally shot by a deputy. The other raccoon was given to animal control to be tested for rabies.

Information from: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, http://www.ajc.com

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  1. This story leaves more questions to any logical mind. Mom was in same room sleeping with baby who was severely attacked by a raccoon or two. Mom calls 911, but raccoons escape outside. Did she let the bandits out? Did she hear the baby cry? How big were the raccoons? Was the mother able to pass an alcohol test? Was mother going to eat the raccoons?