Where Did All the Time Go?

By: Victoria Hampstead


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/TheLoop)- The “Balancing Act” a student enters upon beginning college classes can take many different forms. For some students this is greatly impacted by their need to work while in school. Working can prove to have both positive and negative effects on the time management and success of students.

Working while in school for many students is a necessity. Take UTC sophomore Lindsey Leidhecker, 19, as an example. Leidhecker is an RA at Lockmiller Housing working 20 plus hours per week and also takes 16 hours of classes. When asked how she managed her time Leidhecher said, “I procrastinate because I’m worn out and I don’t want to work all night then do homework.” For Leidhecker, working is not an option but rather something she needs to do while in school. However, she said working while in school is a positive thing and will help her get a job when she graduates and also alleviate a financial burden.

Some students don’t work, but fill their time with other productive activities.

UTC senior Deborah Broomer, 21, does not work during the school year. Broomer is an English Writing major taking 18 hours per semester and said she doesn’t know how some people are able to work and go to school full time.

Broomer admits that she could manage her time a little better but said, “Not working gives me the change to volunteer at Inner City Children’s ministry.” This, Broomer said, should help her after she gets her graduate degree and begins looks for a job as a teacher

Sophomore Kellie Williams, 19, is like many other UTC student who don’t have to work during the school year. When asked how a job would effect her time management Williams said, “I think having a job would make me be more productive actually because I would be forced to do things at certain times.”

Some professionals feel that working in school is a beneficial thing to do.

2009 UTC Engineering Graduate, Jonathan Parrish, 26, worked throughout his time in school. Parrish, who is currently working as an Engineer with TVA, said, “working allowed me to gain beneficial work experience related to my major and also allowed me to pay for school.” Parrish worked a part time job his freshman and sophomore year while taking a full course load. When he was a junior and senior Parrish was involved with the Co-op program at UTC. When asked how important it was for him to have work experience he said, “It was very important and played a vital role in me landing an internship and my current job.” There were some negatives though; Parrish said his GPA was affected because he was so busy all the time.

Whether working, volunteering, or focusing solely on school, time management is a continuous struggle for many students.

For students who are interested in help with managing their time, The Center For Advisement and Student Success offers tips on time management and many other issues that may come up. For more information visit their website or stop by their office located in room 108 of the University Center.

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  1. IB Students and teachers always burst this “Where did all the time go?”. I’m glad there are those people willing to help them manage time.

    This is an excellent post for everyone, young and adult who has problem managing time.