Some UTC students are Going international

By: Rebekah Drummer

UTC students are broadening their horizons by going international with the study abroad program.

The assistant director of the study abroad program, Kristin Labs, says that there is a variety of places all over the world that a student can go to study.

Labs says that across the board, the most popular place to study is Western Europe, but always encourages students to consider a non-traditional place.

According to Labs, they are starting to see more numbers of students go to non-traditional places like Asia, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe.

For students interested in studying abroad, Labs says that planning is the most important thing and students should start planning nine to 12 months in advance.

Labs says that the program is very beneficial to all students, especially later on in life when applying for jobs.

“If I was looking at job applications and saw that one person had study abroad experience, I would definitely look at that one over other ones,” Labs said.

click here to listen to Kristen Labs talk about study abroad

UTC junior, Matt Graves, is planning on studying abroad next year and encourages all students to look into studying abroad.
“This is the time to explore the world,” Graves says.

For students interested in studying abroad, Labs and Graves both say that the first step is going to talk to someone in the program. Offices for the study abroad program are in the University Center, room 326.

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