UTC Highland Team

By Elizabeth Miller qbt426@mocs.utc.edu


A new club sport, the Highland games, has been added to the list of activities at UTC this past semester.

Daniel Broadway, 19, President and founder of the Highland team at UTC, says the Highland games are basically a Scottish strongman competition. Every single Highland competitor must wear a kilt otherwise they will be unable to compete he said.  Broadway says competitors also wear a shirt to represent their team or sponsors as a part of their uniform.

According to Broadway the Highland competition traditionally has nine events depending on the game, it may have seven. The most well known events are the caber toss and sheaf toss he said.

To listen to Daniel Broadway talk about Highland games and training for events click here.

The UTC Highland team will have two home games this year, Broadway said. He says the team will also have an away game with Covenant College their current rival.

Broadway says the home games will not only entail the sports events but a true Scottish festival with vendors. According to Broadway, “One we will try to have at the end of the first semester, if we could I’d like to have it on the intramural field, I’d just be the perfect place for it. I’m going to try to have any where from 15 to 20 vendors come out so we will have a real Scottish Festival.”

Broadway says in the first active semester of the club, it has attracted 30 members.

Although the turn out of members is high, the club is not well known on campus yet. When questioned about the Highland Club, UTC student, Katie Redmond, said “ Yeah, I have actually heard of the Highland games, I’ve also heard that we have a new club about the highland games on campus. But I haven’t really heard any information about where its taking place or what sort of if events their doing. I’m really interested to know more about it.”

Broadway says he plans to promote the Highland games by making a few banners, sending out a mass E-mail to scrappy and to have a few players walk around in kilts on campus to get the word out.

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