UTC Outdoors Department

By: Ross McClellon



The ARC at UTC has many services to offer to students looking for entertainment and exercise both inside and outside for all seasons.

The UTC outdoor recreation department located on the bottom floor of the ARC may be unknown to some students. The department has a wide verity of activities and services focused on the outdoors especially. Students can rent a number of items from the department such as tents, kayaks, mountain bikes, and more. Most of the gear requires a $50 deposit that students will get back once the gear is returned.

Beyond renting gear students can also sigh up for trips. Coordinator of Outdoor Programming, Anna Muller, tries to make as many trips available as possible. “We try to do trips at least three out of four weekends a month,” said, Muller. “We have started this semester even doing 2 trips in the same weekend and those are usually based on the season we are in.”

Click here to listen to Anna Muller talk about Outdoors activitys

UTC student, Joe LaChance, thinks students would use the department more if they knew more about these options. Lachance, said, “I’m sure if they had more advertising for such events all around campus I’d know more about it, because the only advertisement is in the ARC.”

Some students say the problem isn’t knowing about program but specific information about events. “One of my roommates goes on some of the trips and I have a couple of friends who have been on them before, but I’ve never personally gone,” said, UTC student, Ryan Densford. “I think if I knew who to talk to or if they put up more information around in different places I’d probably think about going more.”

With the program becoming more popular every year, according to Muller, students may be taking full advantage of the services soon.

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