Disturbed Man on Cardiac Hill

By Erin Matthews

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Echo) — Police responded to a miscellaneous complaint at 700 Oak St.

Upon police arrival police spoke with the reporting parties, two female complainants.  

Both parties advised they were going up Cardiac Hill and an unidentified male yelled loud noises, sounds and jumped at them in an aggressive manner.

The person made a scene and caused them to fear him.   

The two female complainants both said to police the male demonstrated similar behavior in the University Center area two times. 

Police documented this incident and made contact with the male at his residence.  

The male said he had not caused any problems in the University Center and had been joking loudly with female friends earlier that day on Cardiac Hill. 

The male said he did not direct his behavior at the reporting parties.  

The male said he did not know the reporting parties.  

Police advised all three parties were to have no contact with each other.

All parties advised police that they understood they were to have no contact. 

They were all told that this incident was being reported to student affairs for resolution.  

This incident was documented with this report.  

No further action was taken at this time.

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