Fight at Johnson OBear

By Erin Matthews

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Echo) — Police received a call from a UTC resident assistant who advised there was a disorder in progress in the apartment next door. 

Upon arrival, police spoke with the complainant who said there was yelling and screaming coming from the Johnson O’Bear suite. 

Police made contact with the subjects within the residence and detained them.

Police spoke with a female UTC student who advised she was in a verbal dispute with her boyfriend, a male, non-UTC student.

Both subjects told police that they had both been upset by the female’s former boyfriend’s behavior.

The former boyfriend, who had contacted the female via telephone and left a threatening text message. 

The female allowed police to hear the text message and advised that the former boyfriend had threatened to break into her apartment.  

After reading the text message police confirmed that the text message did seem threatening in nature. 

Police advised both the female and male subjects to call police if the alleged subject, the former boyfriend, contacted them at the on campus apartment.  

Both subjects did not wish to file a report about the threatening text message.  

Police observed the disorder was verbal in nature and observed that no assault or altercation had taken place.  

Police directed both subjects to cease the disorderly conduct

The two subjects apologized and complied with the detective after the incident.  

No further police action was taken at this time. 




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