Nyquil and Marijuana don’t mix

By Erin Matthews

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Echo) — Police responded to accidental overdose at Decosimo Apartments.  

Upon the police’s arrival, the complainant advised police he and his friend were in the complainant’s vehicle smoking marijuana with drops of Nyquil cold medicine.

The complainant said to police that after twenty minutes, his friend began to have a shaking reaction and was unresponsive.

The complainant said he helped escort his friend to Decosimo Apartments  where the complainant stays, and his roommate called 911.  

The city police dispatch connected UTC police and advised the EMS was on their way to Decosimo Apartments. 

Once EMS arrived, they checked out the friend who was still staring with a blank look.  

EMS gave him an IV and checked his vitals. 

EMS then put him on a stretcher to take him to Erlanger for further tests. 

Police checked on the friend a couple of hours later at the emergency room, but hospital personnel advised he was admitted to room 6123.   

After talking to a nurse, police were advised the friend had smoked marijuana, had dipped with Nyquil and also drank some cough syrup with codeine in it.  

The nurse said the friend was stable, and admitted for observation and should be released from the hospital in the morning. 

Police were notified of the situation via text message to which he responded back.  

No charges or arrests were made.

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