Bookstore Textbooks Problems for Faculty, Students

By: Ashley Broockman

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/The Loop) – The campus bookstore received numerous complaints this semester from both UTC faculty and students.

 Accounting professor Joanie Sompayrac, management instructor Cindy White, and Theater professor Steve Ray were just a few of the faculty members to raised complaints. All three claim to have had repeated trouble with the bookstore. These problems included: ordering incorrect books, ordering textbooks late, not enough books for the class and the complete cancellation of books as well.

 Many students have also complained about the bookstore’s mishaps this semester.

 “First of all, I ordered my books a week before classes started and I didn’t get them until the end of the second week of classes, which is ridiculous,” said junior Keaton Catignani. “Also when I went to pick them up I found out they had cancelled two of my books without any notice to me whatsoever.”

 The bookstore staff and Bobby Hamous, Barnes and Noble regional manager, met with faculty to deal with any of the issues they had this semester.

 Hamous said, “We’re here to serve students, and we’re here to serve faculty in getting books in by the first day of class every semester.”

He also said that faculty are urged to order books by the deadlines each semester and to contact bookstore manager Kellie Wright with any issues they may have.

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