Proposal for New Gun Law in Schools

Chattanooga – Tenn. (UTC/The Loop)  – Do you want your teachers carrying a gun?

Bill HB 006 was filed on Jan. 10

A bill filed by Tennessee Representative Eric Watson aims to make that a reality.

If passed, the bill would allow schoolteachers from kindergarten up to twelfth grade to possess a firearm on school property. Watson’s proposition includes specifications such as a requirement for 40 hours of school policy training and the use of frangible bullets.

Brianna Grey, a concerned mother said, “ There are better ways to handle all of this. While it should be okay for them to feel safer what if our kids were able to get a hold of it? And what message does it send?”

Those in favor of the bill argue for the safety it will create.

Katelynn Brooks, UTC Senior and part-time teacher at Battle Academy, says she would feel better about being able to protect her students and herself but would like for the gun to be in the emergency bag in each classroom rather than in personal possession.

Gun legislation is expected to be debated heavily this year, and several bills have already been filed for the state of Tennessee.

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