Quiznos Replaced as UTC Dining Option

By: Emily Kulick

Fresh salad at the “Greens 2 Go” Station

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) – A new year meant some major changes in the University Center. Quiznos was replaced with the “Greens 2 Go” station.

Marketing Manager for UTC Dining Megan Corcoran said Quiznos was taken out because they wanted to bring a wider variety of fresh and healthy options to the food court. She also mentioned with Subway and Crossroads Dining Hall both offering traditional deli -style sandwiches, they wanted to diversify what they offered.

“Greens 2 Go” brings a wider variety of fresh and healthy options into the food court.” Corcoran said. “We wanted to expand our offerings of wraps and salads while keeping popular soup options available for our customers.”

Many students have complained that Quiznos should still be in the University Center.

“I will not eat in the University Center anymore,” said UTC junior Kylie Linfoot. “I used to only eat at Quiznos so when they replaced it, I decided to eat off campus.”

Linfoot also said she thinks the University Center will continue to remodel in the future and eventually replace all fast foods with healthy foods.

Will the University Center remodel in the future? Corcoran said, “As of right now there aren’t any official plans in the dining areas but it is definitely a possibility as the campus population grows.”

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