Safety on UTC’s Campus

By Sloane DeBerry

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/theloop)- A recent shooting at Lone Star College in Texas makes students at UTC wonder about their safety on campus.

Regan Chandler a senior from Memphis, Tenn., said she feels safe on campus, but wonders if the university is prepared for dangerous situations.

The university is in the process of installing Beacon panels in the 100 most heavily used classrooms on campus.

Beacon alert system panel

Tim Pridemore, emergency management specialist, said 30 to 35 of these panels are already in place on campus in Holt Hall, Grote Hall, and in the EMCS building. These panels will serve as part of the UTC alerts system

“From a standpoint of the university’s ability to manage the situation, we are well prepared. From the standpoint are we prepared as a community, I would say that the answer to that is no,” Emergency Management Specialist, Tim Pridemore, said.

A classroom in Grote Hall will be operational by March to serve as a headquarters for emergency management operations. Pridemore met with the Chattanooga Police Chief on Thursday afternoon to discuss a training program for faculty members at the university.

He stressed that preparedness depends on the individual student, individual faculty member, and individual employee.

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