Watch Out For That Cloud!

By Drew Flora

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn- (AP/THE LOOP)- Let’s set the scene. You’re walking to class on the UTC campus and then, BAM! A cloud of cigarette smoke hits you out of nowhere. Has this happened to you? How did you feel?

Many students don’t mind, but the majorities are annoyed with the situation and hope a solution or compromise could be made.

Corey James, a non-smoking senior, wishes there could be some kind of compromise made.“It’s just annoying walking to class behind someone that is smoking,” James said. “I wish there were designated areas around campus and maybe have the smokers not smoke in busy walk ways [on the way to class].”

UTC has placed regulations about smoking on campus that states smokers aren’t allowed to smoke in front of doorways entering buildings but doesn’t quite help the people getting hit with smoke walking to class.

Larry Miller, a smoking senior, feels there isn’t a problem with smoking on campus, but did agree with James that designated areas aren’t too impractical. Being a smoker myself, I’m fine there being a ban from smoking on my walk on the way to class.

As long as I have somewhere convenient and covered to smoke under near buildings I’m on my way to, I’m good. It’s not a restriction of smoking they are asking for. They are asking us to be more courteous of others around us, and that’s quite fair.

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