New Geothermal Systems coming to Chattanooga Fire Stations

Inside Main Streets Green-spaces

Inside Main Streets Green-spaces

By: Elizabeth Miller

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (the loop/ AP)- Chief of Chattanooga Fire Department applies for “Clean Tennessee Energy Grant” to install two new geothermal stations in Chattanooga.

Randall Parker, Chief of the Chattanooga Fire Department, waits to accept a “Clean Tennessee Energy Grant” under the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. This grant will fund two new geothermal systems at Fire Station 9 (East Lake) and Station 11 (Hixson).

City funds will have a 50% match of 32,760 coming to a total cost of 65,520. Funding comes from the taxpayers, Paker said. “We are taxpayer funded so anything we can do to control costs is a good thing for the citizens as well as a being a responsible users of fossil fuels precious natural resources.”

Parker says, “There is on average 30-40% reduction in operational costs related to standard heating and cooling.” He said, “We try to control our costs for heating and cooling by building energy efficient buildings and simple things such as Compact Fluorescent lighting increasing insulation and other energy saving features.” Some other benefits to the geothermal system is it resistance to weather damage and its dependence of fossil fuels.

Chattanooga already has one geothermal system at Green Spaces located on Main Street across from Fire Station 1. Anj McClain, the director of Green Spaces, said there system is not exactly geothermal and further discusses how their system operates.

Hamilton County School system is in the process of installing geothermal heating and cooling at Brainerd High School and at Red Bank and Signal Mountain Middle Schools Parker said.

For questions about the development of the new heating system at the Fire Stations, contact Randall Parker. To learn more about how these systems operate click here.




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