UTC Parking Decals: Oversold

By: Emily Brogdon.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/ The Loop)  – UTC parking passes may just be decorations for your rear view mirror.


Students spend hundreds of dollars on parking passes each year, but only half of them can put them to use. General parking decal cost $120 a year.

According to Parking Services at UTC, 4,635 general parking decals were sold, and there are only 2,989 spots available.

Looking for a spot on campus can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. As a result, many students are late quite often.


The Carta bus that students can utilize to get to campus.

UTC faculty continually tell students to utilize the Carta bus system to get to class, and while an option, many students feel that this solution is not good enough.

UTC senior, Garrett Hall, stopped buying a parking decal because he felt it was completely useless.

“ Well, I got so tired of looking for a spot on campus that I stopped buying a pass. When I had a decal, I had trouble finding a spot or never found a spot pretty much every single day.”

Another UTC student, Katie Cunningham said, “ The university does not care that parking is a problem for students. Parking tickets and decals are just another way to make money, wh

en all that money should be used to make more parking space, especially garages.”

Parking garages are not possible for UTC without raising the cost of parking for students. There are no immediate plans to fix the parking problem at UTC in the near future.

This video is an interview done by Grace Wise.

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