UTC Is Building Towards Success

By: Sid Sadler

CHATTANOOGA,Tenn(UTC/The Loop) – UTC is planning on purchasing the State building off McCallie Ave., and turning it into an all freshmen residence hall in the coming future.

Currently, the only residence hall that’s all freshman is Stagmaier Hall, which is located on the south side of Lockmiller.

Layout of Stagmaier Hall Bedroom.

Layout of Stagmaier Hall Bedroom.

Vice Chancellor for Housing and Residence Life Tim Johnson said that the school has already purchased the property, and is waiting for the state to move offices from the old building to a new location.
There are still some issues needing to be worked out, Johnson said,  “No decisions have been made of the disposition of the building. We have an architectural firm doing an analysis of the building to help in that decision making process. All options are on the table at this point.”

Some on-campus freshman aren’t sure about how they feel about an all freshman residence hall. Freshman Casey Stinnett said, ” I don’t like the idea of secluding freshman in one building.”

  • Freshman retention rate has been an issue for UTC, according to a Times Free Press article. At the current rate the article said, UTC is retaining less than 70% of freshman.
  • In that same article Johnson said, “If these students thrive, they’ll stick around for another year or three to earn a diploma.”

Other students echo what Johnson has said. Junior Rachel Curtis said,  “I think a new building will bring a new type of excitement here on campus, and possibly keep some freshman here on UTC’s campus.”

The new residence hall doesn’t have a final scheduled open date. Johnson did say they hope they can open by fall 2017.

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