Chattanooga Public Works Official Approved For Involvement in Eco-Friendly Competition

By Rose Street

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/The Loop) – Chattanooga City Council approved the partnership between the Administrator of the Chattanooga Department of Public Works and the non-profit organization Green Spaces in the development of the Low Impact Design/Green Infrastructure Design Competition.

Lee Norris, the Administrator for the Department of Public Works, has been approved by City Council to work with Green Spaces to create the (LID)/Green Infrastructure Design Competition. The approval Tuesday, February 25 was unanimous.

Chattanooga City Council Chambers

Chattanooga City Council Chambers

Green Spaces is an environmentally conscious, non-profit organization whose mission it is to “work towards regional sustainability by progressing the way we live, work, and build.” The organization is based solely in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The (LID)/Green Infrastructure Design Competition will consist of two team members, a professional engineer and a registered landscape architect, and take place in Chattanooga. describes the competition as demonstrating “efficient, sustainable, cost-effective approaches to stormwater management and beautification of city infrastructure.”

Director Lee Norris relayed his hope for the competition to the Times Free Press saying, “The goal here is to get the architects, engineers and developers to get on the same page to see how green infrastructure can work on different areas.”

The time frame of the competition and the completion date has yet to be announced.

The Lyndhurst Foundation is providing a grant of $85,500 to develop the competition.

According to its website, The Lyndhurst Foundation “invests in initiatives, institutions, people and programs that contribute to the long term livability and resilience of the greater Chattanooga region.”

For more information about Chattanooga City Council, visit for agendas and more.

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