New Chattanooga Fire and Police Pension Fund: Burning Topic of Discussion

By: Alex Givens


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/ The Loop) — Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and City Council unanimously reached a verdict and decided to pass the new pension plan. Mayor Berke believes that this plan is critical in what it says about Chattanooga and the actions we are taking as a community.

The people of Chattanooga will finally be receiving the benefits they deserve. Mayor Berke says this new pension plan is about meeting goals, “It will continue to motivate the workforce, attract quality employees and we will do this by being responsible to tax payers”.

This new and improved pension plan will save Chattanooga 227 million dollars. With the fund saved Mayor Berke plans on investing in public safety and taking care of employees today. These funds will boost morale and help to fix the problem. Mayor Berke is proud of everyone who was involved in the development of the new pension, “We have outstanding employees who work for us- outstanding”.

The new pension fund:

  • – $227 Million saved
  • – Will improve public safety
  • – Take better care of Chattanooga employees
  • – Boost morale
  • – Reflection of the participants who were involved

Among many that disagree with the City’s plan to move forward with the updated pension plan is Kirk Salter. Salter was more than unhappy with the outcome of the court hearing.  He believes that the fund has continually sunk.

Kirk Salter taking a stand against new Chattanooga Pension Fund.

Kirk Salter taking a stand against new Chattanooga Pension Fund.

He believes they are making a change that is detrimental to the people of Chattanooga and as far as Salter is concerned, ” Andy Berke and Travis McDonald, okay, and the city council they are on notice that if you knowingly violate the law, okay, and go through with this you are exposing the city to liability… Travis McDonald and Andy Berke are no friends to public safety”.

Salter refers to himself as a “firecracker” and has reassured the people of Chattanooga that he is nowhere near done fighting against this pension plan. He believes the city has not been responsible for funding the pension over the years, and have allowed it to continually sink.

For some, this new pension fund may come as a shock and betrayal to the people but to others it is an extreme source of financial relief that has been long overdue.

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