HOMEAgain Funds Find A Home At Orange Grove

By: Sid Sadler

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) – The Chattanooga City Council voted this past Tuesday to allocate HOMEAgain funds to Orange Grove Inc.

Orange Grove is according to their website, ” a private non-profit organization serving adults and children with developmental disabilities”. The total amount for the funding is $45,000, and will be used to help Orange Grove provide affordable housing.

Administrative Workers of Orange Grove

Administrative Workers of Orange Grove

Founded in 1953, Orange Grove offers an array of services ranging from family support all the way to rehabilitation programs.

According to their website, Orange Grove, “services approximately 730 individuals, and employs approximately 800 professional staff members to provide a wide array of community services.”

Kenny Gentner, Junior at UTC said, “I think whenever we can help people who need help we should.”

The HOMEAgain application states that their purpose is , “making HUD HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) funds available to area nonprofits, housing developers, and for-profit entities who wish to create permanent, affordable rental housing for families and individuals, to prevent homelessness and to re-house those experiencing homelessness or who may be at risk of becoming homeless.”

Larissa Hofstra, senior at UTC said, ” People with disabilities sometimes are ignored when it comes to giving them a normal living life, so I think this is great that Chattanooga is helping Orange Grove.”

Not anyone is given consideration for HOMEAgain funds, the application states in order to be given consideration projects must have a “high profitability of moving on.” This means that:

  •   the applicant has site control or a purchase agreement, subject to City funding.
  •   there is an experienced and qualified development team identified.
  •   there is a qualified service provider, if applicable.
  •   the project is economically feasible in terms of per unit cost of construction and for operational purposes during the affordability period.
  •   the applicant has included the project underwriting for the appropriate period of affordability;
  •   the applicant has conducted and included the Market Analysis.
  •   there is a detailed property management plan included in the proposal.
  •   other funding sources are in place or will be in place prior to any award of HOMEAGAIN funds.
  •   fifty (50) percent or more of the funding comes from other sources.

The application also says that the city must fund up 50% of the development cost for the program. According to the city council agenda, the city is funding $45,000 of the cost.


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