Finding Cheaper Text Books For Students!

By: Kelli Findlay

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/TheLoop) — Textbooks don’t have to break your bank, check out some alternatives to see why.

Picture this.You walk into the bookstore with your list, a smile on your face, and the high expectations of beginning another semester at UTC. Two hours later, you are standing in a never-ending line with your arms aching from the weight of the books you need, as the cashier tells you to fork over $400!! There has to be a better way!

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Story of your life, right?

Guess what students! There IS a better way! Seeking outside sources to compare and contrast book prices can help you find the lowest possible price for these mandatory textbooks.

Most of these websites, feature textbooks either new or used and are available to purchase or rent for half the price of typical textbooks you might find in your university’s bookstores.

These textbooks are available for you to use, and it won’t break your bank!

There are several alternatives to buying expensive bookstore books and most of them are online or in local book stores.

UTC Senior Lindsey Carpenter said, “I have personally used an outside source like Amazon or Chegg and I ALWAYS find a cheaper alternative instead of purchasing from the bookstore.”

Here are some alternative sources to finding cheap textbooks for students:

You can see from the following chart that the struggle is national. Textbook prices have a tendency to inflate and deflate depending on the economical environment.

Textbook prices

Textbook prices

When you click on these textbook sources to find your cheaper textbooks, make sure you have the book’s ISBN number ready. This set of digits is a code that you can enter into the search space to find your book quickly. All books have an ISBN code and it is located either on the back of the book, or in the front cover.

This is a great step-by-step approach to finding cheap textbooks, if you are not sure where to start!

Feel free to take this survey and see which one of these book sites is the most popular among students in selecting the best place for you to find cheap books.

Student’s don’t use textbooks.

Check out this story.

Learning to Be Budget Savvy.

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