UTC’s Bookstore Looking to Improve the Textbook Buying Process

By: Nick Porter

CHATTANOOGA, TN (The Loop/UTC) — Every time it is time to buy or return textbooks UTC’s bookstore gets backed up with students. Due to the long lines many students are resorting to purchasing their textbooks online to avoid the clutter at the bookstore.

The administrators at the bookstore are tired of losing these customers to online retailers like Amazon. UTC’s bookstore manager, Kellie Wright said the bookstore is always looking for ways to make the process easier and more efficient.

Wright emphasized students are the bookstores number one priority and they are constantly looking for ways to make the system easier on students. Wright goes on to say, “We have already done it with the new POS systems we put in two years ago, which every major retailer uses. This helped reduce the wait times as enrollment continues to increase.”

Textbooks can be rented

Textbooks can be rented from the bookstore


UTC is continuing to grow each year, making the bookstore look for new ways to accommodate the influx of students. Wright said students can purchase their textbooks from the same page as their course schedule.

This process gets students in and out quicker because their is no exchange of money at the teller and less waiting in line.  Once the order is made the books are prepackaged so the students don’t have to peruse the store looking for their books.

She said this separates the people looking to pickup their online purchases, from the students who still need to purchase the books. She said this cuts down on the jumbled mass of students waiting to be checked out, by cutting the lines in half and separating the two groups of students.

Wright said they are currently working with corporate Barnes and Noble to figure out new approaches to making the process run smoother. Wright said, “we are such an awesome campus, and one of the first universities that Barnes and Nobles has talked to about this new system.”

Wright said she isn’t authorized to say what Barnes and Nobles and the school are talking about but she did say students will be excited about it. She said if all goes according to plan students may see the first changes next week during rental returns.

Students should know the options on campus for getting rid of that textbook you’ll never look at again. More information on textbooks buybacks and returns is available here.

This video gives you a look at the bookstore and what a student typically pays when purchasing their textbooks. This video was shot by Taylor Ellis of Mocs News.

Here are a few steps that the bookstore says will help you get in and out of the bookstore easily and efficiently.

  1. Look up your textbooks under the academics tab on “MyMocs.net”
  2. Purchase the necessary books on the list before the semester starts
  3. Go to the bookstore at an early time when it is less likely to be crowded
  4. Be prepared and know what you need to purchase before arriving.
  5. Ask one of the bookstore employees to help you find what you are looking for.
  6. Make sure you have plenty of funds before going to the bookstore, so you don’t have to return at a later date to pick up what you couldn’t afford.

Students book prices are rising year to year and it is becoming unaffordable for students to purchase all of their books. For information on how to save money when purchasing your books, check out this story.

For students who want a new option, here are a few that might help you out when purchasing text books.

Click here to participate in a survey to see what you think about the bookstores process.




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