What Books Do you Really Need for Class?

How many of these books do you actually need?

How many of these books do you actually need?


By Jake Chapman 

(UTC/The Loop/ Chattanooga)  UTC students believe not every single class needs a book these days and that the huge demand for more books in some classes is becoming absolutely outrageous.

One of the things that all students can complain about, or just be irate mad about these days, is the overall price and demand on books for classes. But it’s not the prices that are mainly bothering students, its the need for the book even though most of them will not use the extra book they have to purchase because professors will put up all the information they need on Blackboard.

Students believe that books aren’t the only thing being that’s too high of a price and being used at minimum.

  • Books for general education classes
  • Access codes for online work for classes
  • Requirements by teachers to purchase these books

So the question that most UTC students are asking everybody is “Why do I need this and give the Bookstore more money for it?”
UTC Bookstore Window

Many students believe that books are quite possibly one of the biggest scams most schools have to offer.  It’s a necessity that all students need, but they have to pay a big price for all of them.

Are Books becoming less used in classrooms today?

UTC student looking for books he needs for class.

UTC student looking for books he needs for class.

Senior Communications student Jacob Cagle stated that most of the books he has bought for classes are barely used due to the use of blackboard and notes he takes it class.

“There’s been classes where I have bought a $200 book, and I literally used it once because my professor said that was the only time to use it,” Cagle said.  “So, to answer your question, I don’t know if I would buy my books at the book store.  We don’t get that option and choose.”

Cagle wasn’t the only student who went through the same experience.  Kevin Alana, a junior HHP Pre Professional student, said that most of his class had books, but he barely opened those books during the semester because his teacher would give him the notes he needed to learn for the tests.

“I got a book this year.  I only rented it for $100 dollars still, but I could go to class easily and get the notes that I needed,” Alana stated.  “Basically, the book I rented was just a waste of money.”

Melody Shenkman, another junior HHP Pre Professional major, is in anatomy this semester, and has opened her book a grand total of 4 times.  Shenkman says that books aren’t the only thing she hasn’t used that much this semester, but the access codes for her online classes hardly reflect what she has learned in class this semester.

“For my online physiology and anatomy, I had to purchase a online textbook and the grand total of it was $115 and I barely used the online book,” Shenkman said. “Students have already enough stress as it is to get into the classes that they need so textbooks should become less stressful for us.”

Shenkman believes that teachers should forewarn students about textbook prices and how often they really need to use the book for that class.

So what is necessary anymore for classes? Are books becoming obsolete now a days that students don’t even need them anymore? With such advances with online work and information given to you for showing up to class, books are becoming less used by everyone, including professors. So it’s best for students to know what books are actually needed for classes and how often they will use them in order to save a good amount of money.

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