Ron Farrel: More than a Moc

By Jake Chapman

Ron doing what he does best; making people smile

Ron doing what he does best; making people laugh.

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/ The Loop/AP) UTC student Ron Farrel passed away on Friday April, 11th on campus in his sleep.

Ron Farrel was one of those people you had to meet in your lifetime. The sudden loss of our fellow Moc was shocking and caught all students who knew him by surprise. How could this happen? The question we all want to know is “Why? Why did it happen?”

Farrel was a senior Communications student here at the UTC  he was a broadcaster for the Perch as well.

The Perch says that Ron was the biggest personality they ever had, and I couldn’t agree more with them. Ron had this presence about him that put everyone in a great mood, even on their worst days. I took a couple of classes with Ron throughout my college career and he just made those classes better. He just had a positive attitude about everything that he did and shared that positive energy with everyone.

I remember I first met Ron in Mocs News. I was in my second year of it, so I thought I couldn’t ever have a bad day at broadcasting; however, that’s not the case for me. I had a horrific day broadcasting, and Mocs News director at the time, Tia Coleman, was getting frustrated with me and I couldn’t really blame her. It was just rough in general, but Ron was hanging out in the room with us and he was laughing. He wasn’t laughing at how bad I was doing, he was laughing because I wasn’t relaxed when I was doing it. He told me to relax and just have fun with it, which I should have done in the first place because it was sports I was doing at the time. Once we had a couple laughs about it, I finally was able to make the broadcast better. That was the first day I met him and he showed a complete stranger how to be more positive and I can never thank him enough for that.

During the fall semester, we had Spanish III together. We were assigned in a group project; it was Ron, John Milton, and myself. Entering the project, literally none of us had any idea what the project was about and we were all just trying our best to make an A; however, when we started working on it together, Ron immediately started to work on his part and even stayed after John and I left to find out extra information that way the students weren’t just looking at what was on our power point; they would actually get outside information from him. I remember during our presentation, I was thinking Ron could go into anything he set his mind.

Not only did Ron excel in class and make everyone feel welcomed, he also was a great athlete and enjoyed playing basketball. I was fortunate enough to have played some pick up games with him and I got to say, he was an outstanding player. He was all about distributing the ball to everyone, something you really don’t see in pick up games and he always would tell you “great shot” even when you missed a wide open look. That’s just how Ron was; he was a selfless guy and it should in everything that he did.

Senior Communications student Jacob Cagle was with me when I heard the news of Ron’s passing. I actually received a text from John Milton about the whole situation. We both were in shock and couldn’t believe the news we just heard.

“Ron was a great guy,” Cagle said. “One of the best guys I knew in the Comm. Department.” Cagle tweeted later that night “Still reeling from the loss of Ron Farrel. UTC has lost a great light.”

UTC has lost a great light in Ron Farrel. He brought light to everyone even when people felt the dark take over. All of the vigil’s and ceremonies that have been held in Ron’s name can tell any outsider that. So, Ron was one of those people that you had to meet in your life because he made you realize how great life really was. Life is tough; I always think that, but Ron showed me that if you can keep a positive attitude about all that you want to do, then that’s what makes all your goals worth it. Ron will always be the positive, outgoing funny guy to me. How will you remember Ron Farrel? I know I will strive towards having a more positive attitude, that’s how I will keep his memory alive. I hope everyone can do this, not just for themselves, but for “Big Ron.”





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