Vegetarian Chattanooga

By:Brooke Fontana

Chattanooga,TENN(UTC/The Loop) The term vegetarian and vegan are used interchangeably, but there are many different variations of an all “vegetable diet”.

Veg⋅e⋅tar⋅i⋅an [vej-i-tair-ee-uhn]-noun-a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish or fowl.

Veg⋅an [vee-guhn]-noun-a vegetarian who omits all animal products from their diet.

Most people assume Chattanooga is a vegetarian friendly city because of it’s growing amount of weekly farmers markets, the eco-friendly atmosphere and the bicycle friendly roads. Chattanooga seems like the perfect city to have a vast amount of vegetarian and vegan options in town. There are approximately 6-8 million adult vegetarians in the United States, and with this many herbivores cities like Chattanooga should consider more vegetarian options.

Greenlife's food bar with vegetarian friendly items

Greenlife's food bar with vegetarian friendly items

Vegan Hillary Mullins says she became a vegan a year ago because it was better for her health, the earth and the animals. Heidi Vasterling said she has been a vegetarian off and on for about 14 years, consistently for the past 4 years, and a vegan for about 8 months. Her reasoning for possessing an all veggie diet was because of family health history. Lifelong vegetarian Jesse Green says his parents raised him vegetarian, and has never eaten a bite of meat in his life.

Going Green is a growing trend and part of that trend has included going vegetarian. Buying local and organic is something that many people are doing to better their health, and to help the local markets. How does being vegetarian help the environment you may ask? It takes an average of 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat and it only takes only 25 gallons of water to produce one pound of wheat. According to Vegan Outreach the animal agriculture business is the second largest contributor to global warming, and 20 vegetarians could live off the amount of land that 1 omnivore could.

Elizabeth Southall grabbing a Boca Burger (hamburger substitute)

Elizabeth Southall grabbing a Boca Burger (hamburger substitute)

Some people may wonder how vegetarians/vegans get the needed amounts of protein that you would usually get from meat. The biggest means of protein for a vegetarian/vegan would be soy. Soy can be used in many items such as milk, meat substitutes,and cheese substitutes. Another means of protein for veggie eaters is nuts, beans, rice, spinach, and broccoli.

Philly Steak Tofurky meat subsitute

Philly Steak Tofurky meat subsitute

For a person who is transitioning from the carnivore to herbivore diet it may be hard to imagine life without meat. Well you don’t really have to live life without meat, well a meat substitute make from tofu.

Some meat substitutes that are popular in the vegetarian community include:

  • Boca Burgers
  • Tofurkey
  • Meatless Sausage
  • Tofu Pups (hotdog substitute)
  • Seitan
  • Tempeh
  • Smart Chili

Heidi says you have to dig to find vegetarian/vegan meals at restaurants in Chattanooga, but there are definitely options. However…I wish there were more strictly vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

Chattanooga does have some strictly vegetarian/vegan restaurants such as:

Chattanooga also has many vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants  and health stores such as:



Chattanooga's newest vegetarian/vegan restaurant

Chattanooga's newest vegetarian/vegan restaurant

Sluggos is new to Chattanooga and is the 2nd fully vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant. It has gotten positive feedback from many veggie eaters, Heidi Vasterling says “I highly recommend it because the atmosphere and food are awesome”.

Some dishes Sluggos offers are Macho Nachos with homemade chili, (vegan)cheezy sauce, lettuce, fresh salsa, tofu sour cream, and avocado. Another popular item served at Sluggos is the BBQ Tofu Sub made with veganaise(vegan mayonnaise) and homemade BBQ sauce.

Sluggos is located at:
501 Cherokee Blvd
North Chattanooga
Lunch Wednesday – Saturday 11am-3pm
Dinner Tuesday – Saturday 5pm-1am


Country Life is the first 100% veggie friendly restaurant

Country Life is the first 100% veggie friendly restaurant

Country Life

Country Life is a restaurant dedicated to health and providing the best vegetarian/vegan options they can. It is operated by Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, which is an institution located in northern Georgia, and is dedicated to improving the health of our guests and patients by providing the environment and tools necessary for them to experience healing physically,  mentally,  and spiritually.

Country Life was Chattanooga’s first 100% vegetarian restaurant. Their menu changes daily with items such as BBQ Tofu, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Baked Beans,a huge list of vegetables, and not to mention a list of soups,  salads,  and desserts.

Country Life is located at:
809 Market St
Chattanooga,TN 37402
They are only open for lunch



Greenlife Grocery

Greenlife Grocery offers organic and local vegetarian/vegan items

Greenlife Grocery offers organic and local vegetarian/vegan items


Is a full service natural foods grocery store and café. They provide customers with a large variety of high quality organic foods and environmentally responsible products. They also carry a selection of local and regional products to help support local farms and businesses.

Greenlife has an array of vegetarian/vegan items such as Teeze (a cheese substitute), Tofurky, Smart Chili, Boca Burgers, and the list goes on. Hillary Mullins said “I eat at Greenlife all the time…it’s my go to. They get a large chunk of my paycheck. I love it because there is always something great no matter what my mood, great veggie sushi, soups, daily hot bar, salad bar, or their prepared items”.

Greenlife is located at:
301 Manufacturer’s Road
Chattanooga, TN 37405
Monday – Sunday
7:00am to 10:00pm

Greenlife’s mission statement is:


Professor Phillip Allen started a blog called Veganooga to serve anyone who visits or lives in Chattanooga and eats a veggie diet. It  provides reviews of restaurants and merchants in Chattanooga and the surrounding region. It focuses on the vegan diet.

The blog states the reason it was started was to give locals and travelers information about the best vegan/vegetarian places to eat. Phillip’s blog says if a city is Vegan friendly they usually have a website/blog dedicated to telling people about the city.

Elizabeth Southall a UTC Senior majoring in Environmental Science with a focus on sustainability in cities, and told us why being vegetarian/vegan is better for the environment.

Vegan Outreach
Greenlife Grocery

Streaming Live to Survive

By:Brooke Fontana

Chattanooga,TN (The Loop) — Local radio stations are reaching across the internet and social media to their listener in order to reach a more broad audience. Other media have been doing too in a bid to remain alive in today’s market. With the ever expanding outlets of media such as networking sites and video podcasts, older forms of media such as radio and newspaper have to keep up with current technology in order to prevent their medium from fizzling out.

The Mountain's Facebook page

The Mountain's Facebook page

Newspapers have resorted to hiring videographers to shoot news for their print stories. Television news stations have full functioning websites that contain articles,videos that correspond to the news casts, lengthened interviews that were too long to show on their television broadcast.

Most forms of media are also resorting to “networking” sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to reach out to their audience.There are  over 300 million users on Facebook, 125 million users on Myspace and 33 million active users on Twitter.

WDEF and WDOD have decided to expand their format to the web and add a “streaming live” feature. According to Danny Howard WDEF and WDOD’s Program Director “We really felt as if we needed to be online and have a wider presence to reach the audience where they were (Online)”. They wanted to have a great presence on all platforms of media.

The Mountain's Updated Website

The Mountain's Updated Website

You can also find features from the DJ’s where they have posted things they find amusing or interesting. Danny also said ” We wanted to just be in front of the audience wherever they may be.”  You can listen to the live broadcasts of 96.5 The Mountain, and Sunny 92.3 anytime and anywhere.

Full Interview with Danny Howard: Programs Director

Sleepless States

ATLANTA (AP/The Loop) — Sleepless in Seattle? Hardly. West Virginia is where people are really staying awake, according to the first government study to monitor state-by-state differences in sleeplessness.Tips on getting a good nights rest.

West Virginians’ lack of sleep was about double the national rate, perhaps a side effect of health problems such as obesity, experts said.

Nearly 1 in 5 West Virginians said they did not get a single good night’s sleep in the previous month. The national average was about 1 in 10, according to a federal health survey conducted last year and released Thursday.

Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma also were notably above average in their reported lack of sleep. In contrast, North Dakota had fewer problems sleeping, with only 1 in 13 reporting that degree of sleeplessness.

Health officials do not know the exact reasons for the differences.

“We didn’t ask ‘Why didn’t you get enough rest or sleep?'” said Lela McKnight-Eily, an epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who led the study.

But experts noted several possible explanations: West Virginia ranks at or near the bottom of the nation in several important measurements of health, including obesity, smoking, heart disease and the proportion of adults with disabilities. Studies have increasingly found sleeping problems in people with certain health problems, including obesity.

“You would expect to see poorer sleep within a chronically diseased population,” noted Darrel Drobnich of the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy and research organization.

Some experts believe sleep-deprived people are more inclined to eat fatty foods during the day.

“There’s growing evidence sleep deprivation promotes obesity,” said Dr. Ronald Chervin, a University of Michigan sleep disorders expert.

Financial stress and odd-hour work shifts can play roles in sleeplessness, too, Chervin added. He suggested those may be contributing factors in West Virginia, an economically depressed state with tens of thousands of people working in coal mining.

Thursday’s report was based on results of an annual telephone survey of more than 400,000 Americans, including at least 3,900 in each state. The survey did not include people who use only cell phones.

The results mirrored earlier studies that found women are more likely to have sleeping problems than men, and blacks are more likely than white or Hispanics to get less sleep.

The survey did not ask people how many hours of sleep they got, and different respondents may have had different views of what counted for a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

If you’re wondering about Seattle — scene of the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan film “Sleepless in Seattle” — the report did not provide information on cities. But the state of Washington had slightly fewer sleep-deprived people than the average state as reflected by the percent of residents reporting a solid month of sleeplessness.

New York and California — two states with large, stressed-out cities — were also a little better than average.

The survey also asked people the opposite question: Did you get enough sleep every single night for the last month? Hawaii racked up the most zzz’s, with nearly 36 percent saying they were fully rested every day. The national average was about 31 percent. Do you want to sleep like people in Hawaii here are some tips.

In every state, most people reported a mix of nights when they got enough sleep and nights they did not.


On the Net:

CDC report:

The Federal Aviation Administration investigates Colorado balloon flight

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP/The Loop) — The Federal Aviation Administration has opened its own investigation into the 50-mile flight of the helium balloon that briefly delayed flights at Denver International Airport after a couple reported that their 6-year-old son may have been on board, an official said Tuesday. What is FFA and what are their regulations? Click here for more information.

FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said the agency investigates civil allegations rather than criminal ones. He declined to provide details on the nature of the FAA probe or its possible outcome.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has said investigators believe amateur storm chasers Richard and Mayumi Heene called 911 Thursday saying they thought their son, Falcon, was aboard the large helium balloon that floated away from their yard in Fort Collins in a bid to get publicity for a reality TV show.

The balloon landed 50 miles away near Denver International Airport. Some flights had to be changed to a different runway for 20 minutes.

Falcon was found safe at home.

Alderden said he is seeking charges against the Heenes including conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities, and attempting to influence a public servant. The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Falcon Henne"Balloon Boy" and father Richard Heene

Falcon Henne"Balloon Boy" and father Richard Heene

Alderden said authorities also would be seeking restitution for the costs of the balloon chase, though he didn’t provide a figure.

His office has said it will likely be sometime next week before it forwards its findings to prosecutors to decide on charges.

Richard Heene previously has denied a hoax.

He emerged briefly from the family’s home Tuesday morning but didn’t answer reporters’ questions.

Heene did show two delivery workers where to find five leased helium tanks that were being returned to Flexx Productions, a Fort Collins rental company. The workers said four of the tanks were empty and one was partially full.

An associate of Heene’s, Robert Thomas, has told sheriff’s investigators that he helped record Heene’s ideas for a TV show, said Thomas’ attorney, Linda Lee.

Lee said Monday that Heene was “obsessed” with trying to land a TV show and become famous.

“Heene believes the world is going to end in 2012,” she said. “Because of that, he wanted to make money quickly, become rich enough to build a bunker or something underground, where he can be safe from the sun exploding.”

Thomas told NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday that he had nothing to do with the hoax and didn’t know about the balloon being launched until he saw it on television. Asked whether he should be profiting by selling his story, Thomas, who described himself as an entrepreneur and a college student, said he was told that people sell their stories to the media and that he was paid “way less than most people think.” Did Falcon Heene admit to the ballon flight being a stunt? Click here to find out.

Thomas helped Richard Heene organize his thoughts and worked with him from March to May, Lee said. Thomas’ notes include Richard Heene discussing a hoax that involved a balloon to make it seem like there was a UFO, Lee said.

Lee said investigators told her Thomas would not face charges but that she was seeking immunity for him “just to be safe.” Thomas has said he had no idea that a possible hoax could involve the Heene children.

The Heenes twice appeared on ABC’s “Wife Swap,” including a March episode in which they discuss their approach to parenting and talk about their belief that they’re the descendants of aliens.

The producer of “Wife Swap” had a show in development with the Heenes but said the deal is now off. The TLC cable network also said Heene had pitched a reality show months ago, but it passed on the offer. See the family here on the 100th episode of “Wife Swap”

Want to play the Balloon Boy game? Click here!!!


Associated Press writers Dan Elliott and Colleen Slevin in Denver and Greg Risling in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

Carmike’s Majestic 12 offers more than just popcorn

By:Brooke Fontana

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(The Loop) — Chattanooga will be the first city to have a LEED certified movie theatre. What exactly is LEED, and why is it important? According to the official U.S. Green Building Council “LEED is an internationally recognized green building

Carmike's Majestic theatre is set to open to the public November 6th.

Carmike's Majestic theatre is set to open to the public November 6th.

certification system,  providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.”

Timothy Schendel Manager of Bijou Theatre in Chattanooga said “some of the things that make Carmike’s Majestic theatre LEED certified include rainwater reservoirs in the front and back of the theatre,recyclable materials used throughout the theatre, and motion sensor lights.” These are just a few things that make Carmike’s Majestic theatre “green”.

Chattanooga is going green with on of the first LEED certified movie theaters

Chattanooga is going green with on of the first LEED certified movie theaters

UTC student and E.D.G.E president Elizabeth Southall said ” I think the theatre is good because Chattanooga is seen as a “poster city” of becoming environmentally friendly after being damaged by industry years ago. I think it is a great move for the city to obtain the title of 1st city to have LEED certified movie theatre” .

Another unique aspect of The Majestic theatre is their VIP seating option. Schendel said ” The tickets will probably cost around $15.00 and there is limited seating of no more than 60 people per viewing.”

In the VIP seating area no seat is a bad seat, they offer “adult beverages” and appetizers delivered to you in your reclining leather chair. VIP seating is only for patrons 21 or older.

The 70,000-square-foot theater’s entrance is located the the corner of Broad Street and Third Street. The theatre was built by EMJ Corporation and was designed by Artech Design Group.

The theatre is located at the corner of W 3rd Street and Broad Street

The theatre is located at the corner of W 3rd Street and Broad Street

The new theatre will hold 2,500 people, this is double the capacity compared to the Bijou’s 1,100.The old building where the Bijou is now, will be gutted and turned into commercial space.

The Majestic theatre will have a sneak peak on November 5th and all proceeds go to local Chattanooga organizations including, the McKamey Animal Shelter, Tennessee Aquarium, Creative Discovery Museum, T.C. Thompson’s Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Advocacy Center. If you don’t already have tickets for this event then you have to wait until November 6th for the grand opening to the public, because sneak peak tickets are already sold out.


Times Free Press

U.S. Green Building Council

Fraud fugitive busted after unwise friend request

SEATTLE (AP/The Loop) — Maxi Sopo was living the dream of a fugitive abroad, kicking back on the beaches of Cancun by day, partying in the clubs by night.

Then he did two things that are never a good idea when you’re on the run from authorities: He started posting Facebook updates about how much fun he was having — and added a former Justice Department official to his list of friends.add-to-friends

That kind of recklessness landed the 26-year-old native of Cameroon in a Mexico City jail, where he is awaiting extradition to the United States on bank fraud charges. Federal prosecutors say he and an associate falsely obtained more than $200,000 from Seattle-area banks and credit unions.

“He was making posts about how beautiful life is and how he was having a good time with his buddies,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Scoville, who helped find Sopo. “He was definitely not living the way we wanted him to be living, given the charges he was facing.”

Even in the hold-nothing-back world of social networking, where police search Facebook photos for evidence of underage drinking and watch YouTube videos to identify riot suspects, it’s rare that a fugitive helps authorities this much.

In status updates, Sopo said he was “loving it” and “living in paradise.”


Sopo, who came to the U.S. in about 2003, made a living selling roses in Seattle nightclubs until, according to prosecutors, he moved on to bank fraud. He apparently drove a rented car to Mexico in late February after learning that federal agents were investigating the fraud scheme.

Investigators initially could find no trace of him on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, and they were unable to pin down his exact location in Mexico.

But several months later, Secret Service agent Seth Reeg checked Facebook again — and up popped Maxi Sopo. His photo showed him wearing a black jacket decorated with a white lion as he stood in front of a party backdrop featuring logos of BMW and Courvoisier cognac.

Although Sopo’s profile was set to private, his list of friends was not, and Scoville started combing through it. He was surprised to see that one friend listed an affiliation with the Justice Department and sent him a message requesting a phone call.

“We figured this was a person we could probably trust to keep our inquiry discreet,” Scoville said.

The former official told Scoville he had met Sopo in Cancun’s nightclubs a few times, but did not really know him and had no idea he was a fugitive. The official learned where Sopo was living and passed that information back to Scoville, who provided it to Mexican authorities. They arrested Sopo last month.

The fugitive had been living at a nice apartment complex, working at a hotel and partying at Cancun’s beaches, pools and nightclubs, Scoville said.

Sopo does not yet have a lawyer, and it was not immediately clear how to contact him.

Prosecutors say he masterminded the bank fraud scheme with Edward Asatoorians, who was convicted by a federal jury in Seattle last week. Testimony at trial indicated the pair persuaded young co-conspirators to lie about their income to obtain loans for fabricated auto purchases, and then used the money to prop up Asatoorians’ business and to take an expensive trip to Las Vegas.

Asatoorians is expected to face at least five years in prison when he’s sentenced. If convicted, Sopo could face up to 30 years.

Citing privacy concerns, the former Justice Department official declined an interview request left with the U.S. attorney’s office.

Scoville said it was someone who left the department when the Obama administration arrived, and who had been taking some time off and organizing student trips to Cancun.

Facebook was not Sopo’s only computer activity during his time on the lam. An affidavit contains details from an instant-message conversation in March between Sopo and a low-level conspirator in the case. Sopo explained that he had fled to “the one safe place where i can actually think.”

Copyright 2009 The Associated Press

David Letterman’s embarrassment into triumph?

NEW YORK (AP/The Loop) — David Letterman had his Hugh Grant moment. The question is whether his personal embarrassment will help fuel further professional triumph.

How he deals with the situation at hand on Monday, and the nights ahead, could prove to be a defining chapter in his long TV career. With any luck, it could clinch his recent ratings victory in late-night TV.

The intensely private Letterman surely didn’t want to be swept up in this maelstrom, which he dropped on “Late Show” viewers last Thursday with his startling revelations of having sex with women on his staff — a disclosure prompted by a $2 million blackmail threat against him.

But the flood of attention was inevitable.

For a celebrity the caliber of Hugh Grant, publicity — including speculation of career suicide — was certainly unavoidable 14 years ago, when he was arrested with a prostitute on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Very embarrassing. But then he retreated to NBC’s “The Tonight Show” for image rehab.

Host Jay Leno wasted no time before asking his instant classic of a question: “What were you thinking?!”

Grant’s appearance vaulted ratings runner-up “Tonight” past Letterman’s CBS “Late Show,” a leadership position Leno held through his retirement from late night earlier this year.

Since then, Letterman has reclaimed a ratings edge over new “Tonight” host Conan O’Brien.

And now, Dave may have truly sealed the deal. With his masterful monologue last Thursday, he took control of a dicey situation. He promised his audience “a little story” and delivered in spades. He acknowledged his own past “creepy” behavior. He reminded everyone that he’s a guy “motivated by nothing but guilt.”

Seated at his desk, he single-handedly gave a TV performance to equal the Jay-and-Hugh moment. Implicit in everything Dave said about his own behavior was the unspoken question: “What was I thinking?”

It could be that Letterman’s carefully calibrated act of self-disclosure has put him in the best spot possible to weather the situation — and even to milk it. Beloved by viewers and critics for decades, he has abruptly freshened the vintage David Letterman brand.

A humorist who mocks the world while holding it at arm’s length, Letterman has demonstrated he still has the ability to surprise even fans who thought they knew him thoroughly.

And he has everybody talking.

Consider the women of ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

Joy Behar said Letterman “jumped the gun. Politicians should take a page from his book. He was smart, PR-wise.”

Fellow co-host Sherri Shepherd called Dave “a standup guy.”

But guest co-host Lisa Ling declared, “When you’re the boss, you should keep your thing in your pants.”

Then Shepherd suggested that maybe his workplace sex partner “really liked him.”

“Come on,” Ling scoffed.

And on it went.

Most of the audience members waiting to enter the Ed Sullivan Theater for Monday’s “Late Show” taping were excited about being there and not so troubled by Letterman’s personal life.

“He did a really classy job of announcing it to everyone,” said Keely Ahearn, who came from Minneapolis with her friend Adam Melchert. “I don’t think he should have to say that much about it.”

Melchert said he understood that such attention is part of being in the spotlight, but said, ultimately, “it’s his business. I didn’t ever watch the show because he was a moral compass for me.”

Meanwhile, a legendary late-night host has nothing but praise for Letterman’s skill at crisis management.

“To me, it seems Dave Letterman’s handling of this is impeccable,” Dick Cavett said in an e-mail. “Brave, direct, and — dare I say it? — manly. He has set a real example here of exactly how to behave when assaulted in such a sleazy operation.”

It isn’t the first time Dave has shown finesse in managing a firestorm.

In June, he had a run-in with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over jokes made at the expense of her teenage daughter. He emerged from a tumultuous few days of protests and demands for his dismissal with a ratings jolt. And thanks to the dumb-luck timing of the flap, he also handily upstaged his much-hyped NBC rival just as O’Brien was taking over as “Tonight” host.

In another of his memorable TV performances, Letterman apologized to Palin and her family. But he has never stopped making jokes at Palin’s expense.

To judge from last week’s tour-de-force confessional (“I know what you’re saying: ‘I’ll be darned, Dave had sex”’), Letterman will now be making more jokes at his own expense.

To see what “Saturday Night Live” had to say about David Letterman’s problems click here: ‘SNL’ zings David Letterman’s difficulties

‘SNL’ zings David Letterman’s difficulties

NEW YORK (AP/The Loop) — Add “Saturday Night Live” to the shows making sport of David Letterman’s difficulties. But in the hands of “SNL,” Dave got off pretty easy.

On Thursday, the late-night host acknowledged having sex with women who worked for him and told viewers he was the victim of a blackmail attempt.

On SNL’s “Weekend Update,” anchor Seth Meyers dubbed the extortion attempt by a CBS News producer “a stupid human trick.”

Meyers added that the would-be blackmailer was threatening to reveal embarrassing details of Letterman’spersonal life, then gave a joking example: After sex, Dave would say, “Stay tuned for Craig Ferguson.”

Fellow TV hosts Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are among comics who already had zinged Letterman on their shows.

Can Letterman turn his embarrassment into triumph? Click here for more information: David Letterman’s embarrassment into triumph?

On the Net:

Adolf Hitler skull fragment belongs to a woman

By:Brooke Fontana

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP/The Loop) — A piece of skull with a bullet hole through it that Russian officials claimed belonged to Adolf Hitler actually came from a woman, scientists at the University of Connecticut concluded.

The cranium fragment is part of a collection of Hitler artifacts preserved by Soviet intelligence in the months after Hitler and Eva Braun reportedly committed suicide in a Berlin bunker in April 1945.

The collection, now housed in the Russian State Archive in Moscow, also includes bloodstained pieces of the sofa where Hitler reportedly shot himself after taking a cyanide pill. The artifacts were put on public display in 2000.

Thought to be skull of Adolph Hitler turned out to be a female skull

Skull fragment was thought to be Adolf Hitler's

Connecticut archaeologist Nick Bellantoni was asked to examine the skull and blood samples for a History Channel documentary on Hitler’s death that aired this month.

Bellantoni said his initial forensic exam of the skull fragment showed it didn’t match what he knew of Hitler’s biology.

“The bone was very small and thin, and normally male bones are much more robust in our species,” Bellantoni said Tuesday. “I thought it probably came from a woman or a younger man.”

Bellantoni then took several pinhead-size pieces of the skull fragment and swabs of the blood stains back to the university for analysis.

Linda Strausbaugh, a professor of molecular and cell biology, got help from two former students who work in the New York City medical examiner’s office. The former students, Craig O’Connor and Heather Nelson, are experts in working with challenging DNA samples and were able to extract enough DNA from the bone pieces to do a forensic study, Strausbaugh said.

She said they determined that the DNA came from a 20- to 40-year-old woman. The skull fragment could have come from Braun, but to know that, the lab would need samples of her DNA, she said. Also, the DNA samples were very degraded, making identification unlikely, Strausbaugh said.

Witnesses never reported Braun being shot in the head, Bellantoni said, and she is thought to have died of cyanide poisoning.

“This person, with a bullet hole coming out the back of the head, would have been shot in the face, in the mouth or underneath chin,” he said. “It would have been hard for them to miss that.”

DNA from the bloodstain swabs showed at least some of it came from a man, Strausbaugh said.

“The DNA is relatively degraded and we don’t have a full range of markers that we’d like to have,” she said.

Russian officials have said Hitler and Braun’s bodies were removed from a shell crater outside the bunker shortly after he died.

An autopsy allegedly showed Hitler’s body was missing part of his cranium. A Soviet team went back to the crater in 1946 and allegedly found the piece of cranium that the UConn scientists examined.

Russian officials have said the rest of Hitler was buried beneath a Soviet army parade ground in the former East German city of Magdeburg. They said his remains were exhumed in 1970 and incinerated, and the ashes were flushed into the city’s sewage system.

Both Strausbaugh and Bellantoni said there is nothing in their findings that significantly challenges the conclusion that Hitler died in the bunker.

“My gut feeling is he did commit suicide there, and maybe the blood sample we found is his,” Bellantoni said.

“What this does is it raises a question: If this is not him who is it?” he later added. “And, two, what really happened there?”

Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch

By: Brooke Fontana

zune-hd-vs-ipod-touchChattanooga(UTC/The Loop) -Portable media players have become a necessity in most peoples lives, but with the infinite amount of options to chose from it leaves most consumers in the dark about which player is right for them. Apple and Microsoft are in deep competition to win customers over with their advanced portable media players. Here are some ideas to help you chose which technologically advanced device fits your needs, and budget.

Specs for the Zune HD: Microsoft has made a leap in the technology field with their newest version of the Zune portable media player that combines powerful hardware components such as 16:9 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Multi-Touch 3.3 inch screen, and NVIDIA Tegra HD processer, and HD Radio capabilities. It is one of the first portable audio devices to incorporate an HD radio tuner.

According to Microsoft the Zune HD’s battery life stands at 33 hours of music playback and 8.5 hours of video (with Wi-Fi deactivated). If these numbers are correct, then this is a major improvement of previous generations of Zune that were known to have poor battery life. The Zune HD also has new software advancements such as the Quickplay menu, Web browser, and music and video playbacks that are very appealing. Quickplay is a new signature menu for Zune, which makes it easier for users to find content they love, such as podcasts, music, videos, pictures and much more. Other features include Wi-Fi capabilities, and email. Zune HD is available from major retailers with a black 16GB version for around $219.99 and a platinum 32GB version for $289.99. The Zune is PC compatible.

Specs for the Apple iPod Touch: Apple is always upgrading their technology and with the iPod touch this still stands true. The iPod touch lets you enjoy everything you adore about an iPod plus more. You can watch your movies and TV shows on a 3.5- inch display.  The Touch’s battery life according to Apple is 30 hours of music playback, and 6 hours of video playback (when fully charged). The Touch is also environmentally friendly.

  • Arsenic-free display glass
  • BFR-free
  • Mercury-free LED-backlit display
  • PVC-free
  • Highly recyclable stainless steel enclosure

It comes in 8 GB, 34 GB and 64GB with prices starting at $199.00 and going up to $399.99 for the 64GB. The iPod Touch is Apple and PC compatible. Some other features of the Touch include Wi-Fi capabilities, Nike + iPod support built in, endless amounts of downloadable applications, and Safari Web Browser.

Customer Comments

If you expected a ton of apps on the Zune marketplace then you will be disappointed,” Gadgetzrock (Amazon Customer).

Another customer stated,”No one in their right mind would give up the thousands of apps available for the iPod Touch”, G. Vernon (Amazon Customer).

“I’ve been waiting for the Zune for two months and could not be more pleased now that I have the device. It’s a cool, sleek device that’s come a long way. The music and audio are very, very good. It’s quite a concession to the quality of the Zune if a main remaining difference with the IPod is the Apps” ,iuherd (Cnet Reviewer)


Zune HD

  • Web Browser
  • PC compatible
  • Limited  number of applications available
  • Wi-Fi compatable
  • 16 GB and 32 GB versions
  • 33 hour(music) and 7 hour(video) battery life
  • Radio Tuner
  • 3.3 inch screen

Apple iPod Touch

(insert iPod PHOTO)

  • Safari Web Browser
  • 3.5 inch display
  • Large amounts of applications avaliable
  • Mac and PC compatable
  • Wi-Fi compatable
  • 30 hour(music) and 6 hour(video) battery life
  • 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions
  • Eco friendly

So Which is Better?

If online sales on are any indication of which portable media player is “better” than the iPod wins. Apple’s 32GB iPod Touch was the second top seller in Amazon’s electronics category as of September 17th, while the 32GB Zune HD ranked only seventh on the list. The 16GB Zune HD was 16th on the list.  If cost is your biggest concern both have different price options but the iPod is slightly cheaper.