Renovated Campus Crossroads

By Brett Fromhold


UTC’s campus Crossroads recently underwent a face lift, now offering students a lot of food for a small price.

After a $3.1 million dollar renovation, the new campus Crossroads offers students an all you can eat buffet for just under seven dollars.

“In the old one, they didn’t utilize the seating as much,” said UTC senior, Dustin Hales.  “There is a bunch more space in there now.”

Unlike the previous Crossroads that only had a Subway and a burger joint; the new Crossroads offers you the choice of Subway, brick oven pizzas, home-style cooking, burgers and hotdogs, ice cream, pasta, soup and salad, and many other delicious items.

When asked what she liked about the new Crossroads; Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, Debbie Parker, said, “Of course what I like better about the new Crossroads is the number of offerings, the cost and the fact that it is a dining facility for students to congregate together, socialize together and eat together.”

Crossroads doesn’t only offer students as much food as they can eat at a low price, but also a great place for students to interact with one another.  To hear more from Debbie Parker about the Crossroads please click the following link: Click here to listen to Debbie Parker talk about the new Crossroads

Chattanooga Daughter Asks Mom to Take the Knife Out of Her Back

By Brett Fromhold

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/Loop) — Police said a Chattanooga woman has been arrested for stabbing her 15-year-old daughter in the back, just above a kidney.

A police statement said Donna Alicia Ray was charged with aggravated child abuse Sunday night following the stabbing in an argument between the two.

Police reports show Ray came home, smelled smoke inside, saw children outside and assumed her daughter had been doing something wrong.

In the argument that followed, Ray allegedly picked up an iron and her daughter picked up a knife. At some point, the daughter tried to walk away but Ray retrieved a larger knife and stabbed her daughter.

The teen underwent surgery and is in stable condition. Ray was taken to the Hamilton County Jail. Police did not have any record of a lawyer.


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